Center Manager

Arts Kidz International Preschool is looking for a Center Manager. The Center Manager serves as the educational leader, responsible for managing the policies “SOP”, regulations, and procedures to ensure that all students are supervised in a safety manner. Achieving academic excellence requires that the Center Manager work collaboratively to direct and nurture all the Staff members and to communicate effectively with parents. Responsible with the curriculum development, educational programme planning, extracurricular activities, personnel management, emergency procedures, and facility operations.

The Center Manager shall:

1. Establish and promote high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance.
2. Manage, evaluate and supervise effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the school consistent with the philosophy, mission, values and goals of the school including instructional programme, extracurricular activities, programme evaluation, personnel management, office operations, and emergency procedures. Ensure compliance with all laws, and MOM regulations.
3. Establish the annual master schedule for both School, ensuring sequential learning experiences for all the Students.
Supervise the instructional programs of the school, evaluating lesson plans and observing classes (teaching, as duties allow) on a regular basis to encourage the use of a variety of instructional strategies and materials consistent with research on learning and child growth and development.
4. Establish a professional rapport with students, parents and staff. Display the highest ethical and professional behavior and standards when working with students, parents and school personnel. Serve as a role model for students, dressing professionally, demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and demonstrating pride in the education profession. Encourage all teachers to do the same.
5. Keep the staff informed and seek ideas for the improvement of the school. Conduct meetings, as necessary, for the proper functioning of the school.
6. Develop clearly understood procedures and provide regular drills for emergencies and disasters.
7. Maintain a master schedule to be posted for all teachers.
8. Lead and motivate all teaching and non-teaching staff, to positively work towards the schools philosophy.
9. Communicate with the Managing Director regularly about the needs, successes and general operation of the school.
10. Ensure the school is maintained in a good condition and maximise the facilities to provide an effective learning environment for students.
11. Maintain positive, cooperative and mutually supportive relationships with staff, and parents.

• Excellent communication and class management skills
• Possess strong leadership
• At least 5 years of teaching and management experience in an international preschool setting

For Locals
• Candidates must possess at least a Diploma in Early Childhood Education – Teaching and Leadership / Diploma in Early Childhood Education Care and Education – Leadership
• GCE “O”, “A”, “N” level certificate

For Foreigners
• Master or bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education
• Advance Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership or equevalent
• Transcripts including grading systems
• Medium of Instruction from Academic Institution
• Details of the practicum from Academic Institution (such as total number of hours, age group of children taught)
• Course Module Description from the Academic Institution

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