Imported Fabric Armchair

Imported Fabric Armchair $ 400

This armchair is part of a 3+1 sofa set that we paid $4000 for. Now selling the single-seat sofa for a steal at $400 and it is as good as new. It comes with a matching back rest cushion, fully removable and washable fabric, high back head rest and wooden legs.

This sofa set was love-at-first-sight for us. However, we overestimated our living space, and as you can see from the images, it’s blocking our corridor walkway. As much as we would love to have more seating space, we have decided to list it for sale. We hope this armchair can be better appreciated in a bigger space than ours.

Dimension: 34(L) x 34(W) x 39(H) inches

To contact the listing author, please phone: 82285794