Pre-owned authentic Brooks Brothers shirts

$ 75

I am a fan of Brooks Brothers shirts and I have plenty of them over the years that I bought either from the US or Australia. But I have recently lost a lot of weight and these current shirts are too big for me now. I would like to sell a batch of 12 shirts.

– You can see them in Carousell in two links (six shirts in each link): and

– Each shirt goes for $75 (the cheapest you can get in Singapore would be $159 and sometimes even more than $200 in the boutique). However, if you get three or more, it will be $65 each and if you get all 12 off me, it will be $55 each.

– The fit and size as you can see in the picture for all 12 shirts are REGENT FIT in XXL size.

– For your reference, I am 1.8m tall and was around 135kg and this looks really nice on me when standing up and when sitting down, it pulls a bit on my belly as expected but nothing uncomfortable.

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, we can negotiate on the best way to ship it to you. PM if interested!

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