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Dogs for adoption!

dog adoption

Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) has dogs up for adoption! SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation focusing on the welfare of Singapore’s many street dogs. SOSD is to vacate its shelter in Pasir Ris by the end of 2017, with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) building a facility in Sungei Tengah where all shelters and commercial farms will move to, all under one roof. The space allocated will be according to the number of dogs SOSD has sheltered at the time; further details aren’t yet known.

To find out how you can help the animals in the shelter, either by donating, volunteering, fostering or adopting, go to sosd.org.sg for more details.

Here are six cute pooches (From left to right) that are up for adoption:

  • Five-month-old Rudy is quiet, rarely whining or barking for attention. Other than meal and toileting time, he simply loves to chew on his toys or sleep. He gets along well with both dogs and kids, is grass trained, understands the sit command and walks well on leash.
  • Four-year-old Harry was adopted as a young puppy and renamed Toast, however he was returned because he grew too big for the adopters to handle. Reverting to his original name, Harry is now a big happy baby who is affectionate with people he knows, though he takes a while to warm up to strangers. He’s great with dogs, walks well on leash, is grass-trained and can be left alone at home.
  • Puppy Gracie, eight months old, is sociable, loves the company of humans, dogs and cats, and is HDB- approved. She is high energy, and will do anything for treats. She is crate- and paper-trained, and is learning to walk well on the leash.
  • One-year-old Sydney is very affectionate with her fosterer, and loves having her belly rubbed before bedtime. Her second favourite pastime is eating, meaning she is perfect for training. She is also fully grass trained, and loves going for long walks, but can be shy around strangers and is startled by sudden noises.
  • Seven-year-old Faith has spent almost all her life at the shelter. She’s a medium- energy dog who knows plenty of commands. She walks well on leash, is grass-trained and is very affectionate with people she knows; however, she doesn’t mix too well with other dogs.
  • Pi was found sleeping on a boat (hence the name), anchored in a remote part of Pulau Ubin. He’s medium-energy, friendly to everyone he sees and great with other dogs. The seven-year-old walks well on leash, absolutely loves his food, and is suitable for families with young children or an elderly couple; he’s a couch potato!