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Clarke Quay, Singapore: Restaurants offering set lunch for $15, $25 or $35

In fabulous food news, Clarke Quay has transformed the concept of lunch at many of its restaurants, bars and cafes to make eating out even easier and more affordable.

Heaps of lovely riverside dining spots in the area will now offer a set lunch from Monday to Friday for $15, $25 or $35 (based on how swish they are).

The cute, chilled and colourful Clarke Quay on Singapore River


We’re talking set menus of three – five courses across a whole spectrum of restaurants – from grills to curry houses and everything in between. Just pick your budget, check which Clarke Quay menu takes your fancy (all the eating spots and EVERY set menu is here, easily divided by $15, $25 and $35 sections) and get stuffing your face. SIMPLES.


Take the $15 set lunch, for example – there are a whopping 14 places to eat with this cheap-as-chips (literally) menu. One of which is at Muchos Mexican Bar and Restaurant who, for $15, will serve up three courses and a soft drink. So you could order soup of the day, followed by chicken quesadillas and finished up with ice cream.  All while sipping on a ginger ale! And that’s just the budget option – you can get two courses at posh experience restaurant Hot Stones for $25 or gobble up seven plates if you head to Peony Jade for the $35 option.  

The great thing about Clarke Quay’s lunchtime revolution – which spans 12pm – 3pm every working lunchtime – is that all of the businesses taking part won’t be shoving their cheapest dishes on the set menu. These guys are all offering up great grub in order to see customers using the sweet deal time and time again.

Oh and did we mention there’s also free parking? What’s that? You’re already on your way? Thought so.

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