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Choosing the right obstetrician in Singapore to deliver your baby

Choosing the right obstetrician is important, so we asked expat mothers for their recommendations.

Isa Parkinson, Australia

“I was working in Singapore as a nurse in an intensive care unit when my husband and I decided we wanted to get pregnant. After much research, we went with Dr Chris Ng at GynaeMD because of his lovely personality, excellent credentials and training both overseas and in Singapore.

I felt very well looked after by Chris and his staff. He is very approachable and happy to discuss even matters that did not pertain to my pregnancy. Being able to choose the hospital we wanted to deliver at was a fantastic bonus. We had guided tours through different maternity wards and delivery suites and met some of the hospital staff, which made planning for the birth of our baby a lot less stressful. My parents even got to chat with him and were put at ease about me giving birth overseas.

After our first child was born in Singapore, we moved to Kuala Lumpur when she was six weeks old. After a year, we returned to Singapore and I found out I was pregnant again. As an expat, having continuity of care can sometimes be difficult to achieve, but I was really happy to know that I could have Chris as my obstetrician again.
GynaeMD Women’s & Rejuvenation Clinic
1 Orchard Boulevard
#04-03A Camden Medical Centre
6733 8810 | gynaemd.com.sg

Samantha Hilton, Australia and the US

“I wanted a female obstetrician, and after much consideration I chose Dr Loi because of her qualifications, her experience and the convenient location of her practice on Orchard Road.

I had heard that obstetricians in Singapore have a reputation for wanting to induce labour at or soon after 38 weeks, but Dr Loi was the exception. While she explained the pros and cons of intervening, I never felt pressured to induce labour even when I was a week past my due date. I had an easy pregnancy and birth, partly because of Dr Loi and her wonderful staff’s excellent pre- and postnatal care.

Dr Loi is very thorough and has a wonderful bedside manner that made me feel very comfortable. She took time to address all my concerns and always returned my telephone calls.

My advice to new expat mothers-to-be is to be organised as far in advance as possible, as babies born in Singapore to an expat family are not granted citizenship. It’s sometimes necessary to obtain citizenship for your baby from your home country before applying for his or her passport and dependant’s pass, all of which must be done within a limited time frame; so get all the paperwork ready before the baby arrives.
Health & Fertility Centre for Women
290 Orchard Road
#18-06 Paragon Medical Suites
6235 5066 | healthfertility.com.sg

Miriam Herinckx, Slovakia

“Giving birth is a unique experience for every mother, and a moment she will remember. I’m a mother of two girls, Lara (3) and Liane (8 months).

My first delivery was in Amsterdam, where home births are very common practice. Unfortunately, the experience was more negative than positive. That is why, after moving to Singapore, I spent lots of time choosing the right obstetrician for my second delivery. I made phone calls, read references and found myself most comfortable with Dr Kenneth Wong from The Obgyn Centre, who is very experienced in C-sections.

We were informed in detail about each stage of my pregnancy and all our questions were answered. It was always Dr Wong who spoke to us on the phone regarding any test results; he never delegated that to his staff. Before our appointments, I always received a friendly phone call or a text reminder from his staff.

As I had asked for an epidural, the procedure performed by Dr Wong was pain-free. With my husband by my side, we witnessed the birth of our daughter Liane and it was a moment we will cherish forever.”
The Obgyn Centre
290 Orchard Road
#11-07 Paragon Medical Suites
6235 4188 | obgyncentre.com

Tanja Faessler-Moro, Fertility Coach

Do you have an unfulfilled desire to have a child? You’re not alone. A study done by the International Federation of Fertility Society found that around 15 percent of couples worldwide suffer from fertility issues, the reasons ranging from frequency and timing of sexual intercourse to alcohol, smoking, excessive stress and more.

Various medical interventions are available from specialist obstetricians and in vitro fertilisation professionals, but mental and emotional support are often neglected at this time. That is where certified fertility coach Tanja Faessler-Moro can help.

Her integrated and holistic approach is to work in close collaboration with medical specialists to enhance her clients’ overall wellbeing. Fertility coaching is done during individual sessions or in small support groups.

She uses a range of coaching techniques, such as neurolinguistic programming (NLP), clinical hypnotherapy and autogenic training, depending on her clients’ needs and preferences. Additional support such as accompanying couples undergoing IVF procedures can also be provided.

Tanja Faessler-Moro was certified in 2009 as a fertility coach by Kinderwunsch-Coaching Switzerland, a specialist fertility coaching company. She is the first independent certified fertility coach in Singapore and Asia.

Fertility Coaching
44/45 Rochester Park
6779 0660 | fertility-asia.com