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Choosing the best breed of dog for Singapore: We chat to Pet Mobile for their recommendations

Imagine wearing a fur coat in the hot and humid Singapore weather? Not a pleasant thought! We asked Pet Mobile to recommend the best breeds of dog for this climate.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of small and big dogs?

Small dogs are easier to care for when it comes to grooming, feeding and exercising. They need a smaller living area, and can play indoors and outside. Large dogs have a shorter life span, but they are great companions. Most people are fearful of large dogs, so they can be useful guards for your home. Big dogs need lots of exercise – swimming is great for them.

Are there certain breeds that are unsuited to Singapore?

Despite the heat, it’s still fine for breeds like the husky and Alaskan malamute, as long as owners are well educated about providing these particular dogs with air-conditioned rooms, iced water and so on. In general, the AVA has done a great job in controlling the breeds allowed in Singapore.


Some of the best dog breeds for Singapore


Shih tzu





Golden retriever

Labrador retriever

German shepherd

Border collie


Are dogs restricted from many parts of Singapore?

Dogs are prohibited from most dining and drinking outlets and shopping malls in Singapore. Taxis are the only form of public transport that allows dogs, but in a travel kennel only. Most local parks are dog-friendly and some even have a dog-run area where dogs can exercise freely.

Do you mainly look after small or big dogs at Pet Mobile?

Both, but we have a slightly higher percentage of large dogs. Regardless of size, we offer dog-walking, dog-sitting, grooming, pet taxi services and pet food and products (with free delivery).

What types of dogs have you owned personally?

A silky terrier and silky cross.

For more information go to Pet Mobile’s website