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Chinese New Year 2016: The Year of the Monkey is nearly upon us! What will be in store for you?

The year of the Goat is almost over (already?!) and the year of the Monkey is almost here…Singaporean feng shui master and Chinese astrologer Clarice Chan brings practical advice for each of the 12 animals of the zodiac, taken from her latest book, Your Fortune in 2016 (in bookstores and newsstands now). Read on if you’re a Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog or Pig, and if you’re a Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon or Snake, there’s more info for you here. (If you’re not sure what your sign is, here’s a handy calculator to check!)

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This is a weak year for the sign of the Horse, but how well your sign will perform in this Fire Monkey year will largely depend on which element you belong to, as well as the energy flow of each month. It’s very important that you tune your mindset to stay positive, have patience, persevere and be more aware of your environment. As the Horse is an active sign, people of this sign can be careless and impulsive, and overreact to situations. You must slow down a little this year to make sure that you don’t stumble due to your own impulsiveness. Planning and strategies are very important this year as obstacles are indicated on the work front. New businesses or partnerships are possible, but be aware that the process will be slow. Those who are working in sales and communication will need to do more networking to build new contacts and to stabilise relationships with current clients. You’ll be happy to know that, money-wise, this is still going to be a positive financial year for many Horses: an increase in salary, better commission, profits and gains are indicated. Relationship energy can be stressful: it’s best to adjust your expectations of others and be gentle with loved ones. For singles, new relationships will need more time to form and develop, so be patient and keep socially active. For your wellbeing, it’s important to have a balance of activities, or you’ll become prone to exhaustion. Parents must pay more attention to the wellbeing of young Horse children throughout the year.



This will be a good year for those born under the Goat sign. It’s a fast-moving time, and you must continue to be optimistic, healthy andproductive. Clear communication is important for your professional and personal growth. Therefore, it’s best to be mindful in your communications and to make sure that your intentions come across clearly. Professionally, there will be advancement; those who are looking for a better position will find opportunities, while those in business will also benefit from this Fire Monkey year. If you’ve been planning on business expansion, this may be a good time to start. Money energy is enhanced for most of the year. Those who are into investments should continue to be vigilant and watch out for sudden downturns. This is a relationship-friendly and socially vibrant year for the Goat sign. If you are single and wish to meet new friends or find romance, you won’t be disappointed. Goats who are already attached will also have a harmonious year, and if you’ve been thinking about serious commitment, this will be a good year for engagement and marriage. General health can be weak: you’re advised to take good care of your wellbeing, especially if you have issues related to the stomach, liver or intestines. Stress can also affect your emotional health, causing you to be short-tempered. To avoid burnout and mood swings, be sure to keep exercising and make time for relaxation.



This year, the Yang Fire Monkey is the ruling sign and the four clashing signs are Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Pig. With the exception of those born in the previous Yang Fire Monkey year, 1956, Monkeys should try to be more flexible this year. Traditionally, other clashing signs are advised to keep a low profile by avoiding conflict, taking very good care of their wellbeing and keeping safe. This is a fast-moving year: your work, social and personal life will be hectic. If you already have a fast-moving lifestyle, it’s important to take good care of your personal wellbeing. Pushing yourself too hard at work will impact on your wellness, as you are susceptible to coughs, colds and skin problems. Changes are indicated in your professional life; this is neither good nor bad, just a part of your journey this year. For some, this could manifest as a change of location, a transfer within the same company or group of companies or a promotion. There will be some who will feel more challenged than usual, as being a clashing sign can also trigger emotional upheavals. Keep in mind during difficult times that it’s just temporary: be detached and lower your expectations. This is especially true if you’re running your own business. Money energy will fluctuate; you’re advised to keep a conscious tab on finances and not to overspend. Relationships will go through some stressful moments: try to be more understanding, especially if you’re often away from home. While there will be opportunities for singles to find romance, it will be wise to take your time to form and develop the relationship.

The year of the Monkey, 8 February 2016 - 27 January 2017


This is an exciting and positive year for those born under the Rooster sign; you’re likely to receive work recognition and see better opportunities. Be forewarned that the Yang Fire Monkey may offer you a few twists and turns before you get to your goals; however, by keeping a positive mindset and remaining confident you will see the success you desire. To be more successful, you must try to be more flexible in how you receive new ideas. Business energy will be vibrant: if you’re a freelancer or running your own business, you’re likely to enjoy a busy and rewarding work year. Those who are in employment may have a heavier workload, but advancement is indicated. This is also a positive year for those who are job-seeking or changing careers. Money energy will be mostly positive. An increase in salary or income and gains from other areas are indicated. However, you’re still advised to be frugal and to avoid random spending or investments. Socially, this is a friendly, exciting and eventful year, especially for those who are looking to find newpartners. If you’re involved in a close relationship, this may be the year for marriage. Those who are married will enjoy a happy marital life this year. Overall, this is a very positive year for most Roosters. You’re still advised to pay more attention to keeping healthy, however, as you are prone to stress and exhaustion, especially if you have a weak digestive system.



While the energy of the Yang Fire Monkey is more supportive to you compared with the Goat year, be aware that the negative stars around your zodiac sign can affect your energy. With such star alignments, it will be wiser to take this year in small and careful steps. On the brighter side, help will be available to you in times of need, so keep positive and confident. Professionally, this could be a challenging year. Workload is likely to be heavy; the pressure may get to you, causing you to be short-tempered. Those of you who are running your own businesses are advised to moderate their expectations relating to growth and expansion. Changes and moves are considered to be favourable this year, as they will help to shift your energy. Those who have been thinking of changing jobs or travelling should start looking into it early in the year. Money-wise, this is an average year but expenses could be high. At home, make sure to fix any small repairs – it will save you time and money in the long run. Socially, this is a less active year, so singles who are seeking love and romance will have to be more patient and try to create more activity in their lives. Taking care of your wellbeing should be listed as the top priority as you’ll need plenty of energy to run through the course of the year. Short getaways, quiet time and rest are very important to you.



The Pig is one of the four main signs that clash with the Yang Fire Monkey. Regardless of the nature of the clash, all clashing signs are advised to be flexible, to be patient, to look after their wellbeing and to avoid risky activities. Your personal journey and the severity of the clash will vary from person to person. To help yourselves, it’s important to maintain a positive mindset; being a clashing sign doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Professionally, this will be a busy year and it’s important that you maintain good relationships with your clients and colleagues. Keep in mind that changes, moves and travel are part of your journey this year. This is especially good for those who are seeking employment, a career switch or an overseas assignment. For some, change could manifest as a change in the scope of their jobs. Money energy will fluctuate throughout the year: it’s important that you keep a tighter hold on your finances; avoid overspending or being tempted by risky investments. Home improvements and repairs are indicated. This could be a socially exciting year for people of the Pig sign. For singles, it will be a good year to find love and romance. For those who are attached, your relationship with loved ones will have its sensitive moments; if things are strained, remind yourselves to be more easygoing and understanding. Overall, to balance your energy, you’re encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle and spend time with others. This is especially important for those who are complacent and don’t find it important to take part in activities.


For more info about how the Chinese Zodiac and Feng Shui affects us in our daily life, check out Clarice Chan’s website.