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Children’s books in Singapore: New releases we love

By: Verne Maree

These books full of activities and entertainment that are perfect for long plane journeys or rainy days indoors, plus some pretty books that are gift-worthy, too.

AGE 3+

Perfect for long trips and posh dinners

Usborne Holiday Activity Pack
Packed in a fun case, these four activity books are a great collection that siblings can share: one puzzle book, two doodling and colouring books for the older ones and a book chockfull of stickers that even toddlers will enjoy. Great for long trips!

A lovely nighttime read 

Fairy Tales for Bedtime
Retold by Rosie Dickins; illustrated by Nathalie Ragondet

Every kid needs to hear the classic fairy tales Puss In Boots, Aladdin and Cinderella before watching them on the big screen. This Usborne book of eleven stories has lovely illustrations to set your little ones’ imaginations alight.

Who doesn't love a pig story? 

Animal Stories For Bedtime
Retold by Susanna Davidson and Katie Daynes; illustrated by Richard Johnson

This classic collection will delight children with its animal- themed stories and beautiful illustrations. Get to know old favourites like Chicken Licken, The Three Little Pigs and The Ugly Duckling.


AGE 4 – 8

Pinkalicious: The Perfectly Pink Collection
Victoria Kann

If your little girl loves everything pink, chances are she’ll adore Pinkalicious.

This collection comprises three books (School Rules!, Tickled Pink and Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink), plus there’s a colour-it-yourself poster, pink stickers galore and three double-sided crayons for doodling.


AGE 5+

One drawing a day keeps the tantrum at bay?

365 Things to Draw and Paint
Fiona Watt

This beautiful Usborne book promises something different to draw or paint for every day of the year. It’s a heavy, spiral-bound book filled with inspirational ideas: from basic tracing around your hand and decorating the outline by drawing on henna designs, fingerless gloves or jewellery; to more challenging fingerprint monkeys, collage robots, cut-out rockets and vegetable-print paint monsters. Includes handy step-by-step instructions.

The second big maze book 

Second Big Maze Book

More than 50 prettily drawn mazes to crack, from a treetop tea party to navigating the constellations and even escaping an erupting volcano. Solutions on the back – no cheating!

The AmazErasers: Sweet Shoppe
Steve Mack

What a delightful activity kit! Complete with cute collectible erasers in the shape of birthday cakes and sweets, reusable stickers, and double-ended colouring pencils, it’s jam-packed with 48 pages of activity: crosswords, cake mazes, cupcake designs and more.

AmazErasers: Drive-Thru
Steve Mack

More of the same, just less pink! Continuing the favourite-food theme with collectible erasers shaped like burgers and ice-cream cones, it has constructive word games, tic-tac-toe games, mazes, quizzes and a page where a budding chef or restaurateur can design his or her own restaurant and menu.