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Check out this stylish and environmentally friendly baby stroller!

Whether you’re already a proud parent, have a new addition imminently on the way (congrats!) or are simply in the planning stages, you’re probably already cottoning on to the fact that one of the accessories you’re going to have to put a lot of thought into buying is a stroller.

Why? Well, for one thing, you’re likely to be using it almost every day for the next few years. Plus, not only are prams easier on you for ferrying your precious cargo around in this sweltering tropical heat (phew!), the motion they create can be soothing for baby which also encourages nap time. But, they can’t be bulky – which can be difficult to manoeuvre into taxis and on the MRT – or cost an arm and a leg for that matter. Bonus points if it looks nice!

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Just check out those wheels…



That’s why we were pretty thrilled when we came across the Greentom Upp Combination stroller, which looks uber chic thanks to an ergonomically sleek design (of course, it’s Dutch). What’s more, it’s also made out of recycled material – and any product which advocates sustainability gets a huge plus point in our books. Each frame is made out of recycled plastic and the fabric of recycled soft drink bottles – a feature which gives this environmentally friendly option a lightweight feel.

Also impressive is the fact that it’s basically a three-in-one stroller, offering a bassinet (also known as the Carrycot, which is also sold separately as an accessory and suitable for birth to six months) a reversible seat (know as the Upp Reversible, suitable for six months to four years) and a forward facing fabric set (Upp Classic). This means you can essentially use the stroller from birth all the way through to four years old!
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And although the price of $799 may initially seem steep, when you factor in that you’ll be using it almost like an extension of yourself on a daily basis and that thanks to it’s durability and design it will last till baby reaches the toddler phase, it looks like pretty incredible value for money (in fact, it works out at about 54 cents a day over a four year period – we did the math!)


The Greentom Upp Combination is now available in Singapore for S$799 at Motherswork.

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