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Charter a plane in Singapore

Charter the Gulfstream G550 to fly from SIN 

If you’ve ever lived in London, you probably feel pretty smug about having the super efficient Changi as your local plane stop, but there’s a group of individuals who are passing through check-in, customs and security even faster. For them, the whole process takes a maximum of 15 minutes and just 30 minutes after arriving at the airport they’re buckling into their seat because they’ve chartered a private plane.

Although it’s usually associated with the uber rich, Nicolas Chemin, senior manager at Chapman Freeborn says chartering is more popular than you’d think. Companies that need to visit multiple offices in the region in a short time frame often use a private plane. “Some companies have offices that cannot be flown to directly from Singapore,” says Nicolas. “So instead of wasting time going through stop-off points on scheduled flights, and usually having to go a fair bit out of their way, companies charter a plane to reach up to five different regional offices in a couple of days”.

The planes are also available for personal hire so if you’re thinking about getting a few of the guys together for a golf trip, a mid-sized plane will set you back roughly $7,000 an hour. But that doesn’t include airport fees or fuel price fluctuations. You’ll also need to give at least 24 hours notice as it can take up to a week to secure landing permits.

For a longer haul flight, and the same price as a small mansion, you can charter the Gulfstream G550 (pictured) to fly from Singapore to Europe. It includes a home office, internet connection, a fully functional galley and air stewards to cater to your every whim.