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Celebrating Earth Day in Singapore on 22 April 2016

Save the Planet!

Environmental issues affect us all, and our knowledge of the importance of conservation and environmental protection has grown in recent years. Our awareness is in part thanks to the efforts of organisations like WWF, and events like Earth Day.

How can I help as an individual?
On 22 April Earth Day happens in Singapore. There is so much we can do to help the environment, even as individuals. The Guardian addresses how our individual actions really can make a difference. Even something as simple as no longer buying paper towels can have a significant effect. Conscious decisions to reduce our carbon footprints, reduce our waste, and efforts to be eco-friendly will collectively make a huge difference.

The Earth Film Festival
As part of the Earth Film Festival – the world’s first crowd-based film festival – everyone is invited to host private screenings of internationally acclaimed sustainability documentaries on Earth Day (22 April).

Selections includes Home, featuring aerial shots from over 50 countries; The Cotton Road, about the environmental and human cost of cheap fashion; Heart of the Haze, set in Central Kalimantan amid last year’s haze; and Trashed, a film about global waste, and featuring Jeremy Irons.

It’s free to register as a host; just select your preferred film and screening dates at earthfestsingapore.com.


Do your part to clean up this Earth Day 


Quantify your carbon footprint
A bright idea that originated in Singapore has gone global! Two developers and a teacher in Singapore have created a carbon estimator at the newly launched whatismycarbonfootprint.com.

The launch coincides with Singapore signing the COP21 climate agreement on Earth Day (22 April), an international day of awareness and action on sustainability.

The website helps you quantify your carbon footprint by analysing your lifestyle and activities. You can then compare your efforts to the Singaporean average, world average and  sustainable average. Share your results on Facebook to show your support!

WWF: Start your own forest
Ever wanted to plant your own tree and watch it grow? Now you can! Register with WWF for your own Plant-a-Forest Project. For $500, you and your community will be invited to a planting session in Singapore where you’ll get to plant a tree locally, and 15 more trees will be planted for you in Aceh, Indonesia.

WWF: Sign the ‘PEAT-ition’
Are you frustrated with the recurring haze pollution? Besides refusing palm oil products, here’s something you can do to help. WWF are encouraging everyone to come together to stop fires burning on peat. Peatlands are swampy areas which double as a carbon sink – storing the highest quantities of carbon on Earth.


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