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Caring for your clothes in this climate

You might think you’re being careful with your clothing, but they still end up getting shrunk or stretched. Even worse, colours fade, or the fabric is stained or still smells funky (ever washed gym gear and it still smells sweaty after the wash?!) Here’s four easy tips which will help you care for your clothes and keep their condition for longer.


Care for your clothes in Singapore with Kruger's Secomat dryer
The Secomat dryer from Kruger is compact enough to fit in either a bathroom or laundry area

1. Minimise tumble drying.

We know it’s super convenient to have our clothes dried quickly after the wash, but tumble drying actually destroys your clothes over time and can cause them to disintegrate (ever wonder where all the lint comes from in the dryer tray?) If you can’t part with yours, try a better alternative, like the Secomat Laundry Dryer from Kruger. This clever machine provides both strong and dry wind needed to dry your laundry effectively, and can dry a 20kg load at a time as well as shoes, stuffed animals and other items that wouldn’t normally be able to fit in a regular dryer. What’s more, Secomat won’t damage or disintegrate your favourite clothes.

For those who are eco and price conscious, Secomat dryers are extremely energy efficient, costing you as little as 10 to 15 cents per hour to run (which equates to 50 to 80 cents per laundry load!) It’s also small enough to be stored inside a storeroom or bathroom; ideal for those of us who have smaller apartments. 

Another downside from using a conventional tumble dryer is that when the air in the tumbler cools down, some of the moisture in the air actually condenses back into your clothing. You may not feel the dampness when the laundry is still warm, but after a while your clothes can quickly acquire that horrible mildew smell. Yuck! Secomat prevents that happening, too, because it dries everything evenly. 

Kruger is currently offering two weeks free of trial for the Secomat for anyone living in Singapore, and will deliver the unit to your home and collect it in two weeks if you feel it’s not working out. No strings attached!


2. Read the label!

It might sound like such a simple thing, but make sure you read the labels on your clothing before washing. It’s important to know how to treat and care for each different fabric. Read the instruction manual, and you won’t make mistakes! Top tip: if a piece states “dry clean only,” it can usually be hand washed in cold water instead. Which brings us to…


3. Don’t wash your clothes after each use.

Aside from your gym gear and intimates which obviously need to be washed every time you wear them, washing your clothes too frequently can shorten their lifespan. Now, we know it can be tempting to feel like you need to wash everything after heading out in Singapore’s humidity, but it isn’t always the case. Check and smell if your clothes are actually dirty, it not, they should be safe to wear again.


4. Always wash with cold water.

Not only is it better for the environment, washing in cold water prevents shrinkage, which you can risk when washing in hot water. It’s also actually better to wash clothes in darker colours or delicate fabrics that might bleed on cold. What’s more, stains like sweat and blood should only be washed in cold water as warm water actually sets them in.


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