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Cancer medication: Will your insurance pay for expensive new drugs in Singapore?


New drugs for combatting cancer are launched every year. And while this is fantastic news for sufferers – because a competitive market and lots of new drugs means the chances of significantly improving quality of life is higher – the influx of exciting medication also poses a problem. Being fresh on the market, the cost of these cancer-battling drugs is likely to be very high. The question in everybody’s minds is, ‘How will this be paid for?’.

The reason we purchase medical insurance is to be safe in the knowledge that we’ll be covered should we need expensive healthcare, but this sense of security can lead to a dangerous complacency.

Unfortunately, having health insurance is no guarantee that you’ll be protected from major, life-changing expenses if you fall ill cancer, and even with meticulous planning, there may be unexpected costs along the way. Dealing with cancer costs a lot of time, energy and concentration – handling this while paying for out-of-pocket financial costs can be very burdensome.

Looking for the best insurance solution can also be confusing – as there are many options out there. This is where Pacific Prime Singapore can step in and help you. Pacific Prime is as an independent insurance intermediary with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complex process. They work closely with you to help you find the best possible insurance cover with one of Singapore’s many internationally-established insurers.

In general, most expatriates living in Singapore opt for private healthcare due to its superior quality of service in comparison to the public system. Expatriates are exempted from CPF contributions and do not qualify for governmental subsidies in Singapore (with the exception of Emergency Department services). As a result, good international health insurance is essential in Singapore.

You may at first feel uncomfortable about bringing up money when planning something like cancer treatment, but it’s important that you do. Cost is an important concern that ought to be addressed as early-on in the process as possible. You can start by talking with your oncologist (clinics or hospitals often have a member of staff who handles health insurance questions) and contacting your insurer. Don’t be afraid to ask to what extent your outpatient treatment will be covered by your health insurance plan. Getting to know the terms of your policy is also time well spent, so that you can estimate your out-of-pocket costs as early as possible.

Pacific Prime Singapore is an insurance agency that works hard to help you find the insurer that’s right for you. Pacific Prime takes your information and uses it to find the best possible policy by cross-comparing policies from a number of insurance providers. Whether obtaining coverage for yourself, your family or your business, Pacific Prime allows you to feel assured that your current and future needs are met, whatever your situation. Ultimately, Pacific Prime Singapore will guide you through the opportunities and the pitfalls of cancer drugs and insurance, helping you to make the most of the potentially life-changing treatments on offer and avoid any nasty financial surprises.