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Buying sofas and daybeds in Singapore: Our readers’ picks


There are infinite options when it comes to choosing a sofa. Expat Living asked seven readers to recommend their favourite furniture store where they found the perfect sofa for their home.


Danish Design

100E Pasir Panjang Road

#08-01 Century Warehouse

6270 8483 | danishdesignco.com

“We wanted a fresh and homely atmosphere for our living room. We both love steel and shiny finishing but we did not want to drift towards a cold perfect setup.

Our main challenge was finding a quality sofa that was practical and comfortable to fit our existing apartment and the home we have in the Faroe Islands.

We bought a three-seater Eilersen Krypton sofa from Danish Design. It’s large but not bulky and helps create the neat and homely atmosphere we were going for. A matching leg rest is on its way and we intend to buy another two-seater sofa. We find that having furniture in neutral colours is best for adding coloured accessories to liven up the space.

Our two best tips when furnishing your living room: figure out the maximum measurements that the space will allow the furniture to be in and the minimum space that you’ll be willing to go to avoid ending up with tiny regrettable furniture. Also, take time to look for furniture that lasts!”

Peter B Hansen and Sumithra Debi, Faroe Islands and Singapore


Gallery 278

278 River Valley Road

6737 2322 | gallery278.com


“My three-bedroom apartment needed furnishing from scratch and, alarmingly, I had only allowed us a fortnight to do this after arriving in Singapore.

Our living area is split level, so to protect people, especially children, from falling over the precipice, I needed furniture that would make a natural barrier along one side.

I bought a big L-shaped sofa called the Divano II in dark brown suede from Gallery 278. It was my first piece of furniture here and it was very satisfying to see it in situ. It made it easier to tell what else needed to follow. The sofa also solved the split-level problem. If anyone does fall over the edge, there is a very comfy landing! So it is both elegant and practical.

Singapore is a great place to shop; don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. By reading all the expat information in magazines and online, I’ve discovered hidden warehouses, auctions and websites my Singaporean friends didn’t even know existed.”

Carolyn Pottinger, UK


House of AnLi

18 Mount Pleasant Drive

9655 5576 | houseofanli.com

“We used to host home parties back in our place in Japan. Now that we’re in Singapore, we hope to create a relaxing living room where we can invite family and friends over as we did there.

We knew we wanted furniture without sharp edges, as that would not be in line with the cosy atmosphere we were going for. Ensuring that the sofa and dining table fit in the living well was essential because they are major components of my dream living room.

At House of AnLi, we bought a five-metre Dakota sofa from the brand Marie’s Corner. The soft lines of the sofa helps to create a comfortable environment where my loved ones can hang out, chit-chat and laugh together. This sofa makes people happy!

It’s advisable to bring along a floor plan of your home when choosing a sofa. I imagined my living room to be a space where people could come together and share quality time. This image aided me in purchasing the right furniture.”

Tamie Arima, Japan



601 Sims Drive

#01-13/18 Pan-I Complex (check website for more locations)

6746 1180 | lorenzo-international.com

“We were looking for a colourful sofa for our living room to match the ambience of the rest of the house. Our living room is large but oddly shaped. Our unit is on the ground floor and it gets lots of sunlight so day curtains are required to protect the sofa from direct sunlight.

Initially we wanted a lighter-coloured sofa but as we have three children, ages 13, nine and three, we knew that it would become soiled and dirty quickly.

So we decided on a large L-shaped red leather sofa from Lorenzo. We bought the extended version so it’s big enough to fit all children and at least one adult with comfort. The size of the sofa fits perfectly into the available space without leaving wasted space.”

Chris Charlton, UK and Australia



73 Upper Paya Lebar Road

#03-01 Centro Bianco

6858 5882 | lush-lush.com

“I’ve collected a number of artwork and rugs from my past expat assignments and I wanted furniture that would fit well with them.

Given the incredibly vast selection at Lush, selecting and picking one particular style is a challenge. The two pieces I bought from Lush were the Eames lounge chair and the tulip dining table. The chair is paired with a vintage couch, 1920 lithographs from Adolf Dehn and a German vacuum tube radio. The tulip dining table is complemented with diamond wire chairs and paired with 1950s Cuban movie posters.

Living the expat life does not mean that we have to give up buying furniture and artwork to a time when travelling is done. There are many pieces I’ve found during my travels that remind me of past locations and experiences. They also make for a great story.”

Arturo Lo Gullo, Italy



30 Merchant Road

#03-09 Riverside Point

6836 2747 | ohmm.sg

“The first space we wanted to furnish was our upstairs balcony, which overlooks a rich, tropical diversity of plants, trees and wildlife; the second was our living room.

In both spaces, we wanted to make sure the furniture and cushions could withstand the humidity of our black-and-white house. It’s important for us to have a functional set, which was resistant to wet dog paws and baby goo as we have a baby and two cocker spaniels.

For the balcony, we bought a two-seater sofa, two chairs, matching white glass-top table and a massive sunshade from OHMM. For the living room, we opted for a L-shaped sofa set, matching glass-top table and a super cool dog bed that fits both our dogs at the same time. The sofa and chair pieces can be cleaned easily and the cushion covers can be taken off and thrown in the washing machine.

We have had both sets of furniture for some time now and they look as new as the day we bought them. I’m pretty confident that all our beautiful pieces will still be with us in 10 years’ time!”

Robbie Hoyes-Cock, UK  


The Shophouse

315 Outram Road, #07-03 Tan Boon Liat Building;

163 Tanglin Road, #03-08A Tanglin Mall; and

6 Rochester Park

6323 7190 | theshophouse.com


“The conservation apartments in Tiong Bahru have a lot of character but space is quite limited. Our living room has to function as a welcoming lounge room for the family, which can also be converted into a guest room where visiting guests can stay, as we simply don’t have space for a separate guest room.

We knew it had to be a sofa bed but we did not want the usual bulky and uncomfortable ones! So we asked the staff at The Shophouse to custom make us something we will love to look at, be comfortable to sit on and give our guests a good night’s sleep.

The Shophouse nailed it. We now have a sofa that converts into a double bed and the fabric we choose fits beautifully with the neutral tones in our place. Most guests are surprised when we convert it into a bed, as it doesn’t look like the traditional sofa bed. I’m glad we didn’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic of the room to make it functional and I can’t speak highly enough of The Shophouse for creating this for us.”

Clair Deevy with 7-month-old Neo Kerin, Australia