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Buying outdoor furniture in Singapore: Readers’ store recommendations

By: Photography by Michael Bernabe

When it comes to buying outdoor furniture in Singapore, there are myriad styles and designs to suit any taste. Our expat readers give their take on the pieces they purchased and why.


Lorita (Singaporean) and Soeren Soltysiak (German)
“We were looking for light furniture that combines elements of both outdoor and indoor living, as the concept of our home is to bring nature indoors. We love Dreamweave furniture for its good quality and colonial rattan feel.

When we first set eyes on the beautiful Georgia garden collection, we knew we wanted it – it reminded me of cupcakes and tea in the garden. True enough, the collection is designed to be a part of a pretty symbiosis with flowers, plants and trees. We were also happy to learn that the furniture is manufactured with respect for the environment.

This piece is lightweight, so we could use it almost anywhere on our patio, near our pool or, like in this photo, in our entertainment room. It’s low-maintenance, with covers we can take off and wash at any time – perfect with our young kids and our dog. Initially we wanted white, but we saw this colour (Antique) and loved it – it’s unique.

We also bought a lovely swing for our pool area. It is safe for our youngest, because we can adjust the height to prevent her getting onto it, as the pool is close by. Even for adults, it’s a great, cosy swing to relax in with a glass of wine at the end of the day.”

Dreamweave Concepts, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-34 Millenia Walk, 6333 1669  



Natascha Bruning and Bert-Jan van Essen, with Zoe (6) and Griffin (1), Dutch
“When we moved from an apartment to a house more than half a year ago, we needed some chairs to go with the table that we already had for our front terrace. We bought four chairs in two different models from Make Room.

All of the chairs are in a contemporary distressed style and made of metal; three in red and one in black. As it’s an old house, we like to keep the furniture modern without the atmosphere being sterile. The chairs are comfortable, easy to clean and a great fit for the table we wanted to use. We sit here a lot more than before, and we don’t have to drag chairs around anymore. We decided on two different chairs, as we had done for our indoor dining set; it looks like this is becoming a theme in our house.

We chose Make Room as we already knew the company and had bought some accessories from them before. The owner, Barbara, always keeps things uncomplicated and is easy to deal with.

Make Room has recently moved to the Tan Boon Liat Building, and I highly recommend a visit to the new showroom if you are looking for furniture or accessories for your home. It has some really cool brands that I haven’t found anywhere else in Singapore, including its own line of accessories.”

Make Room, 315 Outram Road, #10-01, Tan Boon Liat Building, 9113 1274


Kate Lawes Maier with her custom artwork from C+S Art Prints 

Kate Thomas, Welsh
“We were looking for something stylish and comfortable for a modest-sized balcony to provide a sense of chic outdoor living. We wanted to create positive energy, and a space to relax at the weekend or instantly unwind at night after a long day in the office.

We bought the Love Dune because it’s great to lounge in and looks very modern and stylish. With our balcony doors open most of the time, the Love Dune is always on show and brings a bit of ‘Café del Mar’ to our flat! It also easily seats two tall people to stretch out and enjoy a glass of wine, read, catch up on emails or enjoy an afternoon snooze.

We have purchased a few items from OHMM over the years. We even brought the outdoor experience inside, with a table for our dining area. Kevin and his team know the meaning of customer service and don’t employ heavy sales tactics when you want to look around their showroom.

We wanted an ‘all-rounder’ that ultimately catered for adults but wouldn’t be damaged if the kids climbed over it or spilt something. So it needed to be stain-resistant and weatherproof. I really can’t speak highly enough about the durability of the fabric, and you can mix and match with a wide range of fresh colours.

Our white dining room table and chairs are a big winner, perfect for a bright, airy flat like ours. It’s again really practical with children around, but also dresses up beautifully for dinner parties. We’ve had a lot of compliments from visitors who like the look, feel and comfort.”

OHMM, 30 Merchant Road, Riverside Point, #03-09, 6836 2747  



Tracey Lim, Singaporean
“I was looking for furniture with clean lines to fit the modern, contemporary theme of our house. Specifically, I wanted to fill our third-floor balcony that overlooks a hilly area. This open rectangular space was bare and we wanted to make it look cosy, yet with furniture that was able to endure hot sun and heavy rains. We’ve also got three teenage boys, so we didn’t want anything too delicate or fragile.

We went to Danish Design because the company is well known for designer furniture, and because we were in the market for functional but authentic Danish designs with classic and elegant lines.

They had exactly the bar table we were thinking of for our space. We wanted to use the bar table as a place where we could just hang out at after a long day at work. I found this one and liked its nice modern colour – titanium rather than just regular black, white or grey – and the waterproof cushions also appealed.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn about how environmentally friendly their designs are – the bar table, for example, is made from recycled railway wood.

We also purchased a single lounge chair for our second-floor balcony from Danish Designs, along with indoor furniture for the living room, and a sofa.”

Danish Design, 100E Pasir Panjang Road, #08-01 Century Warehouse, 6270 8483  



Priscilla and Filippo Scotti d’Albertis, Alberto (13) and Niccolo (9), Italian
“We first came from Paris to Singapore in May last year to have a look at houses and schools, and a friend introduced me to Verandah Living. I immediately bought four pillows in the palm fabric, and commented to Lynda that they were for the house in Singapore that I hadn’t found yet.

We finally settled here in September and found a nice house to rent, with an unusual garden that has two different outdoor areas. There is a transparent verandah in front of the sitting room, and I was looking for outdoor furniture with character: smart, good quality and hopefully a match for the décor inside.

We had planned a dinner party for six people that soon became eight, then 14, in a typical Italian way, and we still didn’t have a table or chairs. Verandah Living came to mind, so I went to the shop and found the perfect pieces in a light metal structure and with a black-and-white optical illusion. I explained the crazy situation to Lynda and she arranged delivery for the same day, which was great – and unusual in Singapore.

Our beagle puppy Beezy can’t chew the metal structure and the furniture is so light that the kids can help when we have a dinner. The pieces will also be perfect on our Parisian balcony overlooking the grey roofs, while we look back and remember the special Singaporean atmosphere.”

Verandah Living, Sime Darby Centre, 896 Dunearn Road, Level 2, Shop 2C, 6466 0425  



Amanda Buckland-McGowan, Lottie-Louise Buckland-McGowan and Denis McGowan, British
“We were looking for furniture for our patio – a table, chairs and a sofa to be precise. I’d been looking for ages to try and find something characterful in rattan, and my husband wanted something modern. He also wanted a sofa that he could sit outside on and work, and we were looking for separate seats for our guests. My husband suggested the modular style, and we found one in Woody Antiques House in Dempsey.

As usual when I go to Woody Antiques, I got a good price and good service from the knowledgeable staff. The sofa consists of six separate pieces that can be put together to make a large daybed, which is great for my husband to lay out his work items. Our daughter can also sit out there with her friends, play and do her drawing, and I can separate all the pieces and have it so that friends can also sit comfortably.

We also purchased two armchairs to match the sofa and, while we were there, a suar wood dining table-top leaning against the wall caught my eye. We ordered a two and a half metre long table, and chose six chairs in the same wood, along with four hyacinth chairs, to break up the wood around the table.

I absolutely love it. The knot in the wood and the different colours in the grain are warm, and the table maintains my theme of blending the garden onto the patio.

Now that the table is in along with the sofa, armchairs and all my new plants, we can sit out and enjoy more wonderful times with our daughter and friends in a warm and very comfortable outdoor space.”

Woody Antique House, #01-05 Block 13, Dempsey Road, 6471 1770