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Buying a mattress in Singapore: Guide to finding the perfect bed

Fed up with back pain after a night’s sleep, or putting up with your other half’s mattress wants and wishes? European Bedding, located in the Orchard belt, might just be able to help, with its range of sleeping systems focused on back support and individual’s sleeping needs. For couples with different comfort preferences, you can choose a mattress or bed base that allows for an individual feel, all within one king-size mattress cover and bed frame. Yup, whittle down your exact preferences and you can finally keep your other half from sneaking over and leaving you hanging perilously at the edge of the bed.


Sleep facts!
– We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping
– Most people keep mattresses for 5 to 10 years
– Lack of sleep can raise the sensation of hunger
– Seven – eight hours of sleep is ideal
– Almost half of us unintentionally fall asleep in the daytime every month
– Sleeping directly after learning something new will improve your ability to remember it effectively
– New parents lose out a total of 6 months’ sleep in the first two years of childcare
Source: Business Insider

Organic latex from natural rubber trees 

Choosing the right mattress
According to European Bedding, you should consider these handy points when choosing the perfect mattress

1. Made of natural materials
Originating from the sap of the rubber tree, a 100 percent pure latex mattress contains no harmful chemicals or metal springs.

2. Body shape
Our body is not straight, it is curved. Therefore, it is necessary to have a mattress that has the ability to follow the shape of our body while giving the support that we need.

3. Good pressure distribution
Uneven pressure distribution can cause pressure points to build up resulting in discomfort and numbness. The right support contributes to better blood circulation.

4. High durability
A good quality mattress should last 10 years on average.

5. Good breathability
Your mattress should be breathable to ensure good air circulation to reduce the feeling of clamminess.

6. Dust mite and mould resistant
A mattress core should be naturally anti-dust mite and anti-mould, especially in our humid country.

7. Removable covers
Sweat, stains, bacteria and more can affect your bed over the years. A removable and cleanable mattress cover ensures your mattress is properly cleaned.

8. Partner disturbance
If you are sleeping with someone else, find a mattress that doesn’t move from one side to the other is ideal.



Why shop at European Bedding?
European Bedding is Singapore’s premium bedding store, which offers 100% latex mattresses in Singapore. We’re talking beautifully organic, naturally resilient, amazing back support and personalised to you and your sleeping habits. Their beds also come with gorgeous pure latex pillows and adjustable ergonomic slatted bed bases – to suit your needs that little bit more!

Each mattress is designed and produced with the above eight points in mind. Healthy, customised, hygienic, natural and, most importantly, affordable. They even allow you to try out the mattress for 30 days at the comfort of your home and make changes to the firmness and comfort to suit your needs. What are you waiting for? Get shopping online or in store!

European Bedding, showroom located at Grange Road (by appointment only), 9654 3228