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Bringing classical music alive for children

Would you love to introduce classical music to your little ones, but do not quite know how? When thinking of classical music, most of us get an image of formal concert halls, fancy attire and grand compositions, a setting where little listeners do not belong. Igniting children’s love for music can be a wonderful experience in family-oriented concerts.

Singapore Symphony Orchestra, classical music, children

Concerts for Children Series
Singapore Symphony Orchestra brings classical music alive in a relatable way with classic compositions from well-known themes and movies like Harry Potter in their Concerts for Children series. These family-oriented concerts are a great way to start cultivating children’s passion for classical music. The series consists of three performances that are suitable for kids age 4-14. They are short and entertaining, and will guarantee that even the fidgety little ones stay engaged to the show and glued to their seats.

The first concert of the series, Symphonic Sorcery – The Music of Harry Potter, comprises the first six Harry Potter stories. Children will be invited to take a ride on Harry Potter’s flying broom and race across the night skies to Hogwarts Academy while listening to the music. A delightful old wizard will host the little ones in the world of witches, wizards and warlocks. Together they will meet giant spiders, learn about potions and take flying lessons on a Nimbus 2000 in this spellbinding concert.

Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Harry Potter

Symphonic Sorcery – The Music of Harry Potter
The Harry Potter film series has become highest-grossing motion picture series in history, winning hearts of Harry Potter fans, children and adults alike, all over the world. The majestic music of Harry Potter creates the backbone behind the magic on the movie screen.

The compositions of John Williams come alive and conjure a world of wonder in the listener’s mind in the theatrical concert, Symphonic Sorcery, by Dandi Productions. Audiences can now appreciate the music of Harry Potter for what it is and experience the magical and thrilling moments of the movies in concert halls.

The Harry Potter fans can relive the joy, excitement and sorrow of Harry’s first years at Hogwarts on the wings of music. The dizzying but triumphant sounds of a woodwind section will follow the broomsticks that spiral into the night and soar above the clouds. The fluid movements of a fiery phoenix are captured by the strings with melodic lines that swoop and arc gracefully like a bird in flight. The brass instruments blare warnings of danger in the magical world, while the upbeat music will lead to an infectious rhythmic dance that will get everybody’s toes tapping.

Want to see the shows?
Three shows of the Symphonic Sorcery – The Music of Harry Potter will run at the Victoria Concert Hall on 3 and 4 September; Saturday at 2pm and 4pm, and Sunday at 2pm. Tickets are priced at $25 and $32 and available from SISTIC. Family packages are offered at $90 and $116. Friends of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra enjoy a 10% discount.

Stay tuned for the other two upcoming performances in the Concerts for Children series. Carnival of the Animals will guide little listeners on a musical journey through a magical universe where animals come to life through remarkable marionettes that will surprise and mesmerize its young audience. And last but not least, Jason’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra will bring children on a thrilling journey with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra where they can find out all about fascinating orchestral instruments like flutes, bassoons, trumpets and tubas.

Singapore Symphony Orchestra
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