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Boys’ toys: New gadgets in Singapore we want

Scroll on for a treasure trove of the gadgets we want from Singapore’s stores this month…


Moss Speakers
Small speakers producing good sound is all the rage, and Moss Audio has created an awesome wee device. Not only does it deliver quality sound, but it looks cool enough to be used for decorative purposes in the old bachelor pad. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity makes it that much more convenient too. $99



Marshall Monitor Headphones
Made for professionals, these classic headphones deliver quality sounds at a quality price. They fold up, too, making them easy to transport when it’s time to swap block-rocking beats for your office block. Until then, turn them up to 11! $250



V-Moda XS
Another set of cracking headphones, but this time style is of the essence. Moda has designed something truly unique and sexy, with outstanding comfort, style and sound quality. Unless you’re out running or in the gym, forget the tiny plug-in earphones and make a statement with these bad boys. $212



Epson 3D Projector
And talking of bachelor pads… yours is surely not complete until it’s fitted with one of these. Using the latest in 3D technology, Epson’s latest projector is a fine addition to the man-cave. Though the World Cup may be over, watching top-class sport through this promises to be an outstanding experience. You can watch movies in 3D as well. $4,600



PowerSpurz Light-Up Heel
Whenever you clamber off the sofa for a bit of night-time jogging, you want to give yourself every chance of not being mown down by a car. The PowerSpurz attaches to the heel of your runners, and uses LED lighting to make sure that you’re seen. $20



Pebble Smartwatch
Watches need to serve more of a purpose than merely telling the time these days. This Pebble range not only looks awesome but also connects to your smartphone to keep you constantly updated. Twitter and other social media tools and apps will fit seamlessly onto your wrist. Get involved! $280