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Boys’ Toys: Gadgets we want in December ’15

By: Jake Riggir

Check out this month’s treasure trove of awesome tecchy stuff we want (nay – need) to buy…

How often do you ask the same question, “Have you got a spare charger I could borrow?” GoPlug bags double up as backpacks and universal chargers fully equipped with ports for anything that requires a source of power. Your laptop can be charged on the go, so you never rock up to a meeting unable to deliver that fascinating PowerPoint presentation. It charges USB devices and carries everything too. Brilliant.
$129 to $329


It looks like the future has come early with this smart gadget that displays information while you’re driving as if it’s floating in front of you. With voice-recognition and touch-less gestures, you can now always stay connected with people on the go. Not only does it provide texting, but most social media is available too – with a navigation system included. Perfect for those traffic snarls on the drive home from work.



What looks to be the first competitive alternative to GoPro, this piece of kit is a master of simplicity. The periscope-type HTC device allows for simple one-handed use, letting you tap for photos or press for videos, and including features such as time-lapse and slow motion. Perfect for documenting the good times in life, or even the dull ones if you’re not that interesting. Everything shot on the camera is also fired over to your phone.



If you’re so busy and important that notifications are appearing on your smartphone from more sources than Heinz, then The Blink1 could make your life that little bit easier. This handy device allows you to remain organized, with everything from your business emails to a “Like” on Facebook lighting up with a pre-selected colour so you never miss a thing. Could be handy when you need a prompt response to a young lady on certain dating apps…



This stylish iPhone speaker sees the modern and ancient worlds (well, the 1950s) collide. By utilising natural amplification, the Legato creates an intimate sound without using electricity. Handcrafted from ash hardwood, it’s as elegant as an iPhone speaker can get, and whether it’s John Legend or John Lennon resonating through the horn, you’ll be a happy listener.


Granted, there isn’t much call for warming your hands in Singapore, though this isn’t just a hand-warmer, it’s a three-in-one hand-warming, flashlight-bearing USB charger. Could come in handy – pardon the pun – at the cinema where, let’s be honest, things do get a bit chilly. Maybe your special lady has dropped an earring while simultaneously complaining about the low temps; flick on the flashlight, find said piece of jewellery and her heart will melt (with romantic thoughts, not because her hands are now too warm).



Let’s face it, even the most organised person loses their keys from time to time. It usually happens when we’re in a mad rush. Thankfully, the iKey Finder is here to solve your problems – as long as you haven’t lost your phone as well.