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Boys’ Toys: Gadgets we want in April 2015

Check out this month’s treasure trove of awesome tecchy stuff we want (nay – need) to buy…



Cometh The Hour
It’s been a long time coming, but Apple’s response to the vastly growing smart-watch market is here and ready to order from April. And you can use it for just about everything your average smartphone can do: run apps, pay for products, control Apple TV, receive notifications and calls, or keep track of your fitness. Oh, and somewhere in amongst all of that lot, it also tells the time.
From S$483



Utility & Adventure
The problem with cycling to work in Singapore is that the heat between your bag and your back makes your shirt wetter than a haddock’s bathing costume, to paraphrase Blackadder. Thankfully, home-grown company Coast Cycles has created the Quinn Cargo Bicycle specifically for the humid city, equipping it with an ergonomically designed cargo storage unit to let you ride freely. All the fun, minus the drenched business shirt.



Couch Companion
As first-world problems go, it’s one of the bigger ones: stuck in front of a television, not being able to find something cool to watch. Enter the Ray Super Remote. This universal remote control has a smart-screen display that makes it simple to find what you’re looking for, on every component of your media system, from Wii games to recorded movies from TV. The device even remembers the things you like and makes recommendations based on those preferences.




Cancelling Colleagues
Plantronics has just released its new headset, the Blackwire 725. These headphones are the ultimate workplace accessory since they come with in-built microphone technology and hi-fi stereo sound, ideal for managing Skype calls. And for when your workmates are being a little too chatty over at the watercooler, the Blackwire’s active noise cancellation allows you to drown them all out.


6. DigiDock Suction Mount Universal Smartphone Holder 

Going Mobile
In need of a place to rest your phone while you’re peddling away? Digidock’s new range can sort you out. These funky little gadgets work as mobile holders for cars, motorbikes and bikes and can easily be transferred from one mode of transport to the other. They also come in waterproof options so you can still read your maps app during those sneaky Singapore downpours.



Astonishing Storage
It seems like only yesterday that flash drives were 64MB or 128MB in size – or sometimes a whopping 512MB! These days, though, it’s all about gigabytes rather than megabytes – and lots of them. The new Sandisk Ultra microSD card, for example, has a capacity of 200GB. That means you could slot it into your smartphone and store almost 50,000 photos. And it’s the size of your thumbnail. Wow.



Hair & Hops
You don’t need to be a craft-beer-brewing hipster with a million dollar hairdo to love this one. The Man Comb combines a full-size comb that folds up and fits in your pocket (or attaches to a keychain) with a bottle opener as an integral part of the design. The comb itself is made from the same stuff as airplane windshields, and the handle is made from stainless steel. So this thing will definitely go the distance.


This story first appeared in EX’s April/May 2015 issue.