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Boys’ toys: Five new gadgets for tech geeks in Singapore

From a highly flexible mobile phone to an ab machine proven effective by Cristiano Ronaldo, we highlight the niftiest gadgets to indulge in this month.


It’s tough to hone your sizzling abs when work and other responsibilities are tying you down, which is where Sixpad comes in. Slip it under your clothes and the machine does the rest. This neat gizmo uses CMM pulses and tones the abdominal muscles, all while you go about your everyday life. It’s pure muscle science made simple. Trivia: The device went through Cristiano Ronaldo for credibility before being put on the market. Priced at S$299. For more information, click here.


Looking like something straight out of ‘I-Robot’, this high-tech sound system by French company Devialet doesn’t work quite like any other. The ADH Intelligence, exclusive to Devialet, incorporates a microprocessor that fuses digital and analog technology, thereby magnifying and purifying the sound signals. Its spherical design adds to the quality, projecting sound clearly from all angles. Priced at S$2,990. For more information, click here.

 RJ Tetris

Matte meet gloss with Romain Jerome’s “Moon Invader” series of watches, offering designs that revitalise your favorite video games from the 80s, but with class by the truckload. Featuring black steel and other precious metals, exclusive to the brand, all Moon Invader watches come in a 46mm case with a sleek rubber strap for comfort. The Tetris design is the newest edition, in an impressive collaboration with the creators of original video game. You can imagine how limited this baby is in stores. Priced at S$24,800. For more information, click here.

LG Flex 2

LG G Flex 2
Arguably the most unique smartphone on the market, the LG G Flex 2 is made with a distinctive curve that allows the phone to literally “flex”. The arced device fits well in the hand and also against your cheek while taking a call. Bend it all you want and it will fall back into place, unharmed. Where the phone truly demonstrates its value is through its “healing ability”: much like its predecessor, Flex 2’s high-intensity molecular back can take nasty scratches on its back and erase them in a matter in seconds. Priced at S$998. For more information, click here.

α7R II

Sony a7R II
Among camera brands, Sony doesn’t quite get the attention that others do; so let’s take a look at their newly released α7R II and see why it’s as good – if not better than the others. The model demonstrates its potential, possessing the world’s first back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor. If this is gibberish to you, let’s put it this way: the resolution is approximately 42 megapixels. Its auto-focus is 40% faster than its previous counterpart. The camera has other juicy features, like the 5-axis image stabilisation and loads more. Priced at S$ 4099. For more information, click here.