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Boys’ toys: Five new gadgets for tech geeks in Singapore

By: Ezra Gideon

This August, we reveal the latest and greatest gizmos that will get your blood pumping.


Leica Q
“Sensitive, fast and intuitive” is Leica Q’s slogan and we reckon that pretty much sums up the product. This hipster-friendly camera possesses almost real-time positional focusing along with a snap-rate that’s almost 10 frames per second. It’s these kind of techie features that give the model an edge over previous ones, while the magnesium alloy adds extra durability for when you’re embarking on adventures. Priced at S$5,990. For more information click here.


Phicomm Passion 660
Phicomm isn’t a veteran in the smartphone market, but their P660 is no slouch – nor is the insane battery life that gives you 10 hours of talk time and seven for pure video viewing. The phone comes with other neat features, like a 13-megapixel camera that captures videos at 30 frames per second and a graphic processing unit (GPU) that doesn’t negotiate in terms of bringing in optimal quality. Priced at S$318. For more information click here.


G-Shock MRG-G1000
What do you get when Casio’s classic G-Shock model works with luxury watch brand Cortina? Class and durability, that’s what. The MRG-G1000 maintains the signature G-Shock look and sturdiness while adding Cortina’s premium metals for finesse. The watch really shines (literally, too) when using both GPS and radio-wave calibration to give you accurate time. The silver and gunmetal grey editions are priced at S$3,699 and S$3,999 accordingly. For more information click here.

Jabra headset
Cross-training is getting tons of attention nowadays and Jabra’s new headset embraces it. This device is made for synchronising with the Sport Life app for a state-of-the-art workout regime (40 of them in fact). The headphones dish out motion censors that record and identify your running patterns with data, almost as though there was a real coach present. Other features include wireless stereo sound, remote control, history tracking and more. Priced at S$249. For more information click here.


Sony Xperia Z3+
Much like its predecessors, the Xperia Z3+ takes advantage of the brand’s thriving success with PlayStation console graphics, and its generous size is backed by a powerful two-day battery to give you more and more entertainment hours. The waterproof and dust-tight components make it longer lasting than previous models, and the Photo system, “Bionz”, with a 25mm G lens, make taking snaps a breeze. Priced at S$938. For more information click here.