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Boys toys: Awesome sporting apps and gadgets

Gym junkies don’t need extra motivation to bash out a few more reps, but mere mortals often need a helping hand, whether it’s via banging tunes or motivational apps.

This app is probably more intelligent than youRunning Tracker
Your very own motivational running app provides unique insights into your running behaviour. Do you run faster in the rain? Do your legs move quicker when you’re listening to gangster rap or chill-out tunes? This very clever app reveals all. Free download here.

Simple and effective

Pump To The Beat
Whether you pump up the jams to distract you from fatigue or to psych you up for a workout, a good sports headset is key. Jabra Sports Wireless+ is designed to lock securely and comfortably in your ear without the hassle of wires. There’s also an AM3D Power Base for rich audio experience. Five-time Ironman world champion Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander trains with it, which is good enough for us. $148.

Also comes in white and black

Sound Blaster
The latest brand to join the wireless mobile audio market is Nixon. The Blaster is an ultra lightweight, shock-and water-resistant rubber-construction portable speaker, built for the active on-the-go lifestyle with precision-tuned acoustics for clarity and low distortion. Comes with rechargeable battery for up to 15 hours of continuous play, and connects via Bluetooth with most devices. $379.

Get competitive with your pals

Strength in Numbers
You smash a gym session. You think you were brilliant, but were you? Really? Wearable fitness tracker PUSH analyses strength performance and tracks reps, sets, balance, speed, your one-rep max, volume load and tempo using scientific metrics. Users can also compare performance with friends through its app and portal system. US$149.