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5 boutique gyms that can do the trick 

There’s every chance that your New Year’s resolution to lose a few kilos and get healthier has gone out the window by now, thanks to a busy social and travel schedule, pressure to meet work deadlines and all those parenting responsibilities – or, simply out of boredom with your same-old fitness routine. To help you recommit to getting fit, we’ve rounded up five boutique gyms, each with a fresh take on working out.


Ultimate Performance Singapore

Gyms Singapore
First-timers can enjoy a complimentary Myofascia Release class by quoting “EXPAT LIVING”.

Located at Raffles Place, Ultimate Performance (UP) is all about no-nonsense training and achieving hard-evidence results – as seen in the series of “before and after” photos lining the wall at the gym’s entrance. Priding themselves on “bucking the system” by going beyond what a standard personal trainer would do at a commercial gym, UP’s trainers take a “holistic, global” approach, customising realistic solutions for each client’s individual lifestyle – from advice on diet and supplements to travel health, and stress and sleep tips – making it not only a physical transformation but a lifestyle transformation, too. UP uses mostly weight-based, high-intensity training methods (don’t expect lots of cardio equipment here) that have clients burning fat long after they leave the gym. And, while UP is primarily based on one-on-one personal training, it does offer a small selection of group classes, including the brand new Myofascia Release class, which helps to activate muscles for better mobility and training performance, and reduce risk of injury.

Bottom line: this gym isn’t for those looking for just a one hour, once-weekly workout; it’s for those who mean business and want to get serious, solid results – clients are encouraged to sign up for a 12-week programme, with three one-hour sessions per week.

PSST! First-timers can enjoy a complimentary Myofascia Release class by quoting “EXPAT LIVING”.

Email sg@upfitness.com to book now. Floor 21 The Octagon, 105 Cecil Street. 6536 8649 | upfitness.com.sg



Gyms Singapore

If your hectic lifestyle gets in the way of your keeping fit, this is the gym for you. The founders of Ritual (professional MMA fighter Brad Robinson, TV personality Oli Pettigrew and fitness expert Ian Tan) believe that to get fit, and stay that way, all you need is a 20-minute HIIT workout. To ensure personal attention is given, there are just 10 slots available every 30 minutes, which can be booked instantly through an app; you even get your own 40-square-foot pod with kettle bells, medicine balls and other training equipment to yourself. The trainers guide you through each specialised session, and routines are changed daily to prevent plateauing. Workout clothes are provided and you can shower, grab a protein drink and be on your way within just 45 minutes of stepping in – perfect for those who complain they never have the time to work out.

Locations at Raffles Place and Holland Village. ritual.sg



At this Bukit Timah gym, kettlebell lifting is the name of the game. Owner and head trainer Hayati Nuffus was one of the pioneer female kettlebell athletes and has trained with some of the strongest lifters in the world. Focused on providing a nononsense environment for functional training and realising results, Alphafit isn’t about glossy locker rooms, distracting TVs or fancy juice bars; it’s about heavy weights, motivational camaraderie and competition – and getting toned, lean and healthy. In addition to kettlebell classes, Alphafit offers kickboxing sessions, special workshops (weightlifting and gymnastics, for example) and a six-week Body Transformation programme that includes personal training sessions, group classes and nutritional guidance.

789 Bukit Timah Road. 9844 9191 | alphafit.sg

Gyms Singapore
Alphafit has kettlebell classes to whip you into shape!



UFIT (or Urban Fitness) takes a 360-degree approach to exercise, offering personal training at four locations across the city (Amoy Street, One-North, Bukit Timah and Tanjong Pagar), plus nutrition services, physiotherapy, sports massage, CrossFit and mixed martial arts (MMA). It also has UFIT Bootcamps, SheFit, RunFit, BoxFit, YogaFit, HIITFit and other classes in 12 locations islandwide, so it’s virtually impossible to make an excuse not to go. Each session is different and equally challenging, with the element of surprise keeping you and your muscles in top form.

Various locations. ufit.com.sg



Started in 2011 by personal trainer Irving Henson, The Pit is not your conventional gym. Here, the focus is on strength, endurance and conditioning, and the fuss-free studio concentrates on making an athlete of anyone who walks through its doors. Choose from Muay Thai, metabolic conditioning (“metcon”) and strength training group classes that are tailored to both beginners and experienced lifters, or sign up for personal training with the gym’s highly experienced instructors who are also seasoned athletes. It also offers dedicated sports training for triathletes and golfers.

123 Devonshire Road. 6222 4860 | pitpersonaltrainer.com.sg



#1 Does it offer variety? If you prefer to switch up your routine frequently, choose a gym that offers a variety of workouts over one that focuses on freestyle weight training only.

#2 Is it convenient? Choose a gym that’s located conveniently for the time of the day you prefer to work out. If you plan to exercise after work, pick a gym that’s close to the office. If you like to exercise first thing in the morning, choose a gym that’s close to home. You’re more likely to make excuses not to go when your gym is more than a 10-minute walk or drive away from your home or workplace.

#3 Do a test run It’s a good idea to do a test run at a time you would normally work out, whether it’s late morning after school drop-off or a post-work exercise session in the evening. Ask to try out the gym at the exact time you’d be visiting regularly. If it’s too crowded during that period, chances are you won’t be able to get an effective workout anyway. A trial workout will also give you an idea of the instructors’ skills.

Gyms Singapore
Ultimate Performance

#4 Check it out on social media Before you join a gym, check its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to get an idea of its daily workings, and what its current and former members really like about it.

#5 Details, details, details Is it clean? Are there enough showers? Do they provide extras like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and a blow-dryer? Look for the small things that will matter in the long run, keeping your pre- and post-workout routine in mind. It’s these minor details that are likely to become stumbling blocks in the long run.



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