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Blackberry Tips

BlackBerry 9800 Torch 

Did you know that BB has a few inbuilt shortcuts to limit the number of users suffering scroller’s thumb?

If you get to the bottom of an email you can press ‘T’ to go back to the top, ‘N’ to go to the next email and ‘P’ to go to the previous one.

If you start typing a note while on the phone to somebody, the note will automatically stay attached to the phone number you were on the line to.


And if you’ve got a serious case of iPhone envy you can always download an interface that makes your Blackberry look like an Apple. After being pursued by RIM the devleoper has stopped releaseing updates for new Blackberry handsets.

If you’ve still got a Bold, Curve or Pearl handset you’re in luck, head over to Rogers MJ to download an Apple-like interface.