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Big Bang Legends at Stamford American International School

Get your hands on one of the latest educational games on the market, Big Bang Legends. This casual and fun game on particle physics was launched in Singapore on 23 March. You can download it for free from the Apple Appstore. It is the first game by Finland-based learning game studio Lightneer and the brainchild of the team from Angry Birds and Rovio, and professionals from CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and Oxford.

Stamford American International School students
Happy faces at Stamford American International School

In the classroom

Game workshops were held at schools such as Stamford American International School (SAIS). Students had the chance to try it out at the school’s Innovation Center. “Stamford American was thrilled to collaborate with Lightneer on Big Bang Legends, which is a fun and engaging game that we intend to use to introduce the concepts of physics and science to our students”, says Craig Kemp, Head of Education Technology at SAIS.

Big Bang Legends game
Meet a host of eccentric creatures on your physics adventure

What to expect

Go through levels of puzzles and mazes with a host of antimatter monsters and receive collectible rewards. Learn the elements and symbols of the periodic table as you collect and upgrade 118 characters with superpowers.

Pay a monthly subscription of $1.49 and get access to exclusive video learning content tailor-made by professors from Oxford and CERN. It will also get rid of those pesky ads!

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