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Best sporting celebrations of all time – video special

By: Jake Riggir

Sport can get pretty stressful for the pros, so it’s pretty refreshing to them celebrating together and having a good time. It’s also a source for great entertainment.


Joe Horn – Cell Phone
In 2003, the New Orleans Saints receiver celebrated a touchdown by running over to the goal post and pulling out a mobile phone. After dialing a number and holding it up to his ear, he was fined $30 000 by the NFL, making it his most expensive phone bill he’s ever had.


Terell Owens –  Popcorn, The Sharpie, The Star
From throwing a fans’ popcorn all over his face, to pulling out a sharpie from his sock and signing the match ball, to posing atop the oppositions’ signature star, T.O always knew how to celebrate in style. (The following video is a collection of his top 10 career moments, with this lot included).

Mario Balotelli – Why Always Me?
After many on and off-field brain explosions, Balotelli has become quite a criticised chap. When it all got too much for the Italian superstar, he pleaded to the media to leave him alone by revealing a shirt underneath his playing jersey saying ‘WHY ALWAYS ME?’.

Peter Crouch – Robot
Peter Crouch is famous for two things; being ridiculously tall and his robot dance celebration. The dance first appeared in 2006 when he scored a goal vs Hungary whilst playing for England. After using the celebration a few more times, he stopped, saying that he would only do it if England win the World Cup. Looks like we’ll never see the robot on a football pitch from him again.


Stjarnan FC – All Sorts
This Icelandic football club gained worldwide fame after a video was released of their wide range of creative goal celebrations. Highly choreographed routines range from fishing to cycling, proving these lads know how to celebrate a goal en masse.

Khalid Askari – Bit Too Early
This is one of my favourite celebrations, as it turned into a bit of disaster. After originally saving the penalty in a Moroccan Throne Cup semi-finals, the ball went into a back spin – and ended up in the net. But while the ball was rolling back, Askari was busy fist-pumping in celebration… until realising it is a goal. Askari’s team went on to lose the shoot-out and get knocked out of the cup. This video also features another goal-keeping disaster from Askari.

Digby Loane – The Scorpion
After a great try using all of his speed, Digby Loane celebrated by spinning around on his hands (it’s hard to explain), resulting in priceless reactions from the Australian commentators. It’s hard to know what the move is called, but it is definitely not ‘the caterpillar’, as one of the commentators said.

Todd Clever – Leap of Faith
Labelled as the try of the day during the 2009 South Africa Sevens in George, Clever leaped an injured team-mate and physio, who were about three metres away from the try-line, and glided into the try zone for one of the coolest looking trys you’ll ever see.


Adam Bobrow – Excessive, yet Hilarious
After winning a point in a table-tennis match, Adam Bobrow went into a craze and started dancing all over the place, doing moves no man should ever know how to do (as well as going up to his opponent’s face and rubbing it in). The best thing about this celebration is that it wasn’t even a match-winner, it was his first point of the game!