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Beer dispensing arcade machine

The Last Barfighter - beer dispensing arcade 

God bless the geniuses at McKinney for combining two of our great loves – arcade beat ’em ups and beer.

Created for Big Boss Brewing Company, the beercade is a street fighter-style game that lets you get all kinds of nasty in an all out bar brawl. After three brutal rounds the person with the worst case of RSI and the most unicorn horn impaling and butt slaps wins a beer automatically dispensed via the beercade taps.

‘Beercade uses a custom-made system that re-utilizes certain retro nostalgic arcade machine user actions for its concept,’ explains McKinney Creative Technologist Adam Carroll. ‘Its coin slot has been replaced with a few drip trays, cupholders and motion sensors to accept a cup in place of a quarter. When we started, we were trying to find a way for retro arcade machines to live again, and when we brought the idea to our client Big Boss Brewing, they jumped on board.”

We don’t need to hear any more – just take our money…