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Bedroom Furniture: Styling tips for your boudoir

A good night’s sleep can benefit your heart, health, mind and even help you maintain a healthy weight. As our bedrooms are the space we spend most our time in at home, making them a comforting and appealing area is key. “The bedroom needs to be a calm oasis,” agrees Naazli Somjee, from WTP The Furniture Company. “As the last refuge, this is one living space that needs to be just right.”

Bedroom style from WTP
Create a space so stylish your bedroom will want to thank you!

Bedroom décor tips

About to embark on a bedroom re-style, but unsure where to start? Naazli recommends bringing together a cohesive colour palette. “Whatever your colour choice, stick with it as much as possible in terms of bed linen, cushions and lamps. There’s no need to go with the exact shade across everything, but try to stick within the same colour range; it makes the room appear larger and less cluttered,” she explains.

Bedroom furniture and a neutral palette
A neutral colour palette creates a less cluttered aesthetic in a smaller room.

Next, think about how you’re going to use the bedroom, as it needs to be a functional space. “Is it going to be purely for sleeping, or are you going to use it for work and therefore need a desk?” asks Naazli. “Do you have a lot of things that require storage? If so, then perhaps you need a chest of drawers or a storage ottoman.”

Bedroom furniture with colour from WTP
Using a cohesive scheme does not mean leaving leaving colour off the palette.

Choosing the right bed

The bed is obviously the main focal point in a bedroom, and investing in the perfect one in terms of style and comfort is an important decision. Think about how long you’ll be in this current property and whether it needs to be adaptable in terms of style? Will the bed need to be easily transportable, and will it fit in with your decor back home if you plan on repatriating?

Large bed with short legs from WTP
A large bed with shorter legs creates space and light.

If size is an issue, Naazli recommends picking a lighter coloured bed with shorter legs to make the room seem larger. “Platform and low beds are proving very popular right now, as well as upholstered beds with very simple, clean lines in their headboard.”

Textured headboard from WTP
A large and textured headboard creates a statement in the bedroom.

Soft furnishings

Curtains, cushions and other soft furnishings are a fun and cost effective way to boost the look of a bedroom. “By choosing from a wide variety of curtain, cushion and upholstery materials with durable but fun and interesting designs, customers can have a bedroom that’s unique and portrays their personality.”

curtains and cushions from WTP
Curtains, cushions and other soft furnishings can be a simple way to jazz up a bedroom.

With these tips and ideas in hand, it’s time to go boudoir shopping!

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