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Bedroom furniture: Readers share their favourites stores

People spend an average of from six to nine hours a day in their bedrooms – for most of us, it’s the room we spend the most time in. A bedroom should be a welcoming sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day, and have cheerful elements that make for a positive start to each new morning. Here’s a roundup of bedrooms that set the scene for restful nights followed by happy days with suggestions from OriginAsia, Going Dutch, Art Trend Gallery, Originals, Gallery 278, The Shophouse.

LeeAnn Deemer
LeeAnn Deemer


Gallery 278

278 River Valley Road

+65 6737 2322


LeeAnn found Gallery 278 by chance, and has since bought many items of furniture there. “When Pete and I first moved to Singapore four years ago, Gallery 278 was right around the corner from our serviced apartment.

“We had a carved teak panel that I’d bought in India, and I’d finally decided that it was the right size to make into a headboard, so we engaged Gallery 278 to do the job. We enjoyed working with their designers, and their service was excellent.

“Apart from that, we also purchased from them our living room couch, our dining room table and chairs, our bedside tables, several book shelves, including one with carved teak panels, and a couple of other custom-made pieces.”

LeeAnn Deemer, US

Tammy Charter
Tammy Charter


Home Curio Accents

Blk 14C, #01-01

Dempsey Road

+65 6479 7619

When Tammy’s son outgrew his old bed and wanted a big one, she visited Curio Home Accents and found the perfect solution.

“We bought a queen-sized bed, a chest of drawers and a side table for our 13-year-old son’s bedroom. He had outgrown his bunk-style bed with a desk underneath it.

We decided on this furniture because we loved the quality and masculine look of the leather. It is from Brazil, and each piece is quite unique. “We usually refer to Expat Living or depend on word of mouth, but because we live near Dempsey we just happened to see some of the furniture in the store. It’s really important to take your time and try to source what you’re really looking for.

“So, while our bed took several months to be shipped and finally arrive in Singapore, we felt it was worth it. Jeanne Marie and her husband both came to assist in the unpacking and setting up of our new bed!”

Tammy Charter, Australia

Justine Morris
Justine Morris



7 Lock Road

Gillman Village

+65 6471 9918


Justine is a fan of the intricacy of traditional Chinese pieces, but isn’t so fond of dark timber, so she loves the lighter furniture at Originals.

“I like the clean, fresh feel of natural unfinished teak, which brightens up the room. Besides the bed frame, chest of drawers and side tables in the bedroom, my purchases from Originals include a dining table and an entertainment unit from the Ethnicraft Collection and a cabinet from the Indian Collection.

“Their service is excellent. The first pieces were delivered the same day we bought them; this was fantastic, as we had just moved into an empty apartment. As the pieces arrived, it began to feel like home.”

Justine Morris, Australia

Sherena Mistri-Yiannouka
Sherena Mistri-Yiannouka


Art Trend Gallery

7C and 9 Binjai Park

+65 6468 7116/19

19 Tanglin Road #02-07

Tanglin Shopping Centre

+65 6735 2253


Singapore-born Sherena moved back here in 2000, after a ten-year stint in the UK.

“When my husband and I moved back to Singapore, a friend recommended Art Trend. As it turned out, I really liked their things and bought quite a bit from the store. The service is excellent, too!

“I’m a huge fan of sleigh-beds, so I got one for the master bedroom. We also purchased a TV cabinet for our bedroom; I had read a feng shui book that said you should not have an exposed TV in your bedroom while you are sleeping.

“Apart from our room, we also had to furnish our daughter’s room. She had outgrown her desk, and I wanted something unique that she could enjoy for many years.

Sherena Mistri-Yiannouka, Singapore

Rachel Valentine
Rachel Valentine



372/372A River Valley Road

+65 6733 7384


As long-time fans of the store, it comes as no surprise that Rachel and her husband headed there in search of the perfect bed.

“My husband and I have always longed for a huge bed! We finally decided to buy a king-size one last year. Having bought quite a lot of furniture from OriginAsia, and been really pleased with it, we decided to go to them again.

“Origin Asia offer a white-washed teak, which is stunning and less imposing than the darker woods, so we chose this for our bed. We bought our bedside tables there, too.

Rachel Valentine, UK

Geraldine van Dijk
Geraldine van Dijk

Going Dutch

474-476 River Valley Road

9027 6612


Geraldine chose Going Dutch because it carried pieces that she was familiar with in her home country.

“We knew the product, so when we heard that the store would be opening in July 2010, we really didn’t need to do any other research before buying two mattresses from them.

“Back home, we used to sleep on Auping mattresses before changing to a waterbed. We were pleasantly surprised at how Auping mattresses have been improved over the years, and we never really liked ‘normal’ mattresses.

“It was also hard to resist purchasing some Dutch-designed bed linen and a lamp. This really is a store for good quality products, both contemporary and rustic.

Geraldine van Dijk, Holland

The Shophouse

6 Rochester Park

+65 6344 0100


Linnie and her husband are such fans of The Shophouse that they even bought furniture there for their home in France.

“We had a limited time to shop and ship the furniture for our home in France, and The Shophouse offered us great products and customer service. We had established trust with the store and this made us comfortable with our purchases.

“For our home in Singapore, we have purchased many Good Earth products from them. After being introduced to the range in India, we were excited to find that The Shophouse stocked the products. Having been loyal customers for over eight years, a good portion of our home is furnished by the store.

Linnie Mackenzie, Holland and the UK
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