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Beauty products in Singapore: Bio Oil – tried and tested

Unsightly scars and pigmentation can really knock our confidence. This month, EL readers tested Bio-Oil, a specialist skincare oil touted to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.

About Bio-Oil
– In a proDERM 2010 clinical study of Bio-Oil, 100 percent of subjects recorded an improvement in eight weeks, and 90 percent of subjects said Bio-Oil also helped reduce uneven pigmentation.
– The oil contains nourishing vitamins A and E, as well as chamomile extract and calendula, lavender and rosemary oils.

Bio Oil is a cheapie, but a goodie


Tried and Tested on…

I started using Bio-Oil a couple of months ago to try to tone down the stretch marks from having had three rather big children. I thought I’d have trouble remembering to use it twice daily as instructed, but I easily got into the habit. The 50ml is a convenient size, so I’ve even taken it on holiday.

I found the oil non-greasy and easy to apply. I’m not a fan of over-fragranced products, and Bio-Oil really fit the bill in that respect.

The results? After two and a half months, my stretch marks are definitely not as noticeable as they were, and I’ve started wearing a bikini rather than a tankini. Now I just need to work on toning those tummy muscles!

Vanessa Spooner, British, Homemaker
Score: 4/5

I used Bio-Oil after my daily shower, around my hip areas and upper thigh areas, on my stomach and on some post-acne scar marks on my face.

I found the oil lightweight and non-greasy after application. It was absorbed easily and quickly into skin, with a smooth finish. It has a slight perfume which is pleasant and not overpowering.

The more recent facial scars and stretch marks around the upper thighs seem to have faded a bit after two and a half months of constant use. My more stubborn stretch marks around the hip and stomach area that developed during pregnancy haven’t changed much yet.

Overall, I’m pleased with the results and will continue using Bio-Oil. I think it’s a reasonably priced product, and I’m happy I saw results in a fairly short period of time.

Angel Merito, Singaporean, Homemaker
Mark: 3/5

Finding out I was pregnant came as exciting news, but pretty soon vanity reared its ugly head. Could I do anything to stop stretch marks appearing during pregnancy? For this reason, I started using Bio-Oil at the start of my second trimester – I’d heard that it had worked wonders for others in the same situation.

I applied the oil twice a day, as directed, and have had amazing results. It’s made my skin supple and has given radiance to the areas applied. I’ve also found that it works well as massage oil. The price point is good too – you can use as much or as little as you like, without having to worry about the expense.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. I’ll continue to use it when my pregnancy is over, and see if it has any further effect on my problem areas.

Cassandra Burton, British, Middle-school teacher
Mark: 4/5

Bio-Oil retails at $15.50 for 60ml and $25.90 for 125ml, and is available at leading pharmacies, personal care stores, selected hospitals and department stores island-wide.