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Beauty 101: The top five perfume facts you need to know

Beauty 101: The top five perfume facts you need to know
Beauty 101: The top five perfume facts you need to know


1. The correct amount of perfume should be smelt no more than one arm’s length away.

2. Layering can make a scent last longer, so wash with the shower gel, use the same scented lotion and then add the eau de parfum.

3. The concentration of the scent determines the intensity and longevity of its perfume. These vary between perfume houses but generally: parfum is 18 to 30 percent essential oil and lasts ten to 15 hours; eau de parfum uses eight to 18 percent essential oil and lasts eight to ten hours; eau de toilette has four to eight percent essential oil and lasts four to six hours; and cologne has two to five percent essential oil and lasts two to three hours.

4.  Perfume is best placed on pulse points where the blood flows the strongest, and the skin is the warmest on your body. So start low and place a dab behind the knee and work up the body ending with your décolletage.

5. Never test more than three fragrances at once; your nose won’t be able pick up a perfume’s complexities. Take break, and go for a walk around, perhaps even sniff a coffee bean to refresh your nostrils.

Most people typically shop for two types of perfume. One that’s a lifelong scent − a fragrance that eventually becomes part of your identity. And the other, part of a fragrance wardrobe that you’ll choose according to your mood and the occasion.

So just how do you pick a perfume, be it for life or whimsy?

Lifelong Perfume
This is probably the hardest perfume to choose because it’ll probably be a scent that grows on you over time.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

Don’t expect to like this straight away. It can take five minutes to five years to find the perfect scent
Test it on your skin several times at different times of the day before you buy it.
Every scent reacts differently with your natural body oils as you age so the perfume will subtly change the longer you wear it.
Most people choose a lifelong perfume with stronger base notes. You won’t be able to smell them until at least 30 minutes after the application but they last throughout the day.

Our Favourites:
Bulgari Jasmine Noir’s mysterious almond and musky tones, and the classic Chanel No 5.

Fragrance Wardrobe
It’s always good to have a few extra perfumes to wear on special occasions. Scents can be used to enhance your mood so whether you want to feel sexy or energised here are a few tips on how to grow your perfume wardrobe.

If you’re feeling energetic and happy you might like something citrus.
Woody and musky tones can make you feel sexy.
Floral scents like lavender and rose will help you to relax.

Our Favourites: Bulgari Omnia Green Jade for a light citrus scent, BLV Eau De Parfum II for something a little muskier and Omnia Crystalline for relaxation.  

Top tip
If you’re buying a new fragrance for a partner check out ScentMap.com. It’ll suggest five scents that compliment the fragrance your partner already wears. You can tweak the result by personality traits to ensure you’re getting the right one.


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