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Beauty 101: New Year, New You

January 2012 is a double New Year celebration – it’s not only the first month of the Western calendar, but this year it’s also Chinese New Year. That’s all the more reason to make your resolutions good ones. Eight being an auspicious number, here are eight to get you glowing.

Resolution #1: Treat Yourself

Trust me on this: martyrdom is best left to long-dead saints, and no one will love you more for neglecting yourself. Only you can make time for your own needs. While your other half snoozes, slip out for an early morning walk in the park or along the beach. Join a book club, make dates with friends, start Pilates classes, learn to meditate. And without fanfare, go ahead and schedule those essential manicures, pedicures, facials and beauty treatments. No one else has to know.

Resolution #2: Smile!

Living on a tiny red dot that by some miracle has escaped the global economic gloom, we have lot to be happy about. But if past worries have lined your forehead or etched a grumpy line between your brows, Botox (from $600) can help. Just look at Dr Valentin Low’s lovely forehead, smooth as a baby’s you-know-what! And if you’re a chronic over-smiler like me, it also irons out those ageing smile lines.

Resolution #3: Stay Hydrated

Getting plenty of water from filtered water, herbal teas, fresh fruit and vegetables is my top beauty tip – when I remember, that is. Try to keep your champagne intake to reasonable levels – except, of course, during free-flow Sunday brunches – and drink glass for glass of water between alcoholic drinks. Then keep that precious water in with Oil Free Moisturiser or Hydrating Gel ($150 each) from Valentin’s own skin-care range, perfect for this humid climate.

Resolution #4: Eat Right, Move More

Sounds so easy and doable on the first of January, doesn’t it? That’s because we’re still stuffed with leftover turkey, satiated with Quality Street chocs and marginally intoxicated with bubbly. But when sobriety sets in and willpower flags, you could try ultrasonic lipolysis ($800 per session). It’s non-invasive and promises to melt away stubborn love handles and icky muffin tops.

Resolution #5: Practise Sun Protection

Of course you’re vigilant about protecting your face with a broad-range sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays; try the Oil Free Sunblock SPF35 ($130).

Resolution #6: Turn Over a New Leaf

If, like me, you’re saddled with uneven pigmentation from exposure to the harsh Antipodean or South African sun, laser skin rejuvenation (from $600) can work wonders to reveal a fresh new complexion, reverse sun damage, smoothen fine lines and refine skin texture.

Resolution #7: Start Using Serum

Cleanse, tone, moisturise, right? It’s a good start, but you’re missing the savvy new skincare step – serum. Usually oil-free, it’s applied morning and night to clean skin for a host of beautifying effects. If you use the Antioxidant Serum ($280) in the morning to protect against free radicals, and the Anti-Ageing Serum ($400) before bed, you’ll look ten years old again in no time.

Resolution #8: Be an Individual

Get a tattoo! You know you want to. But if you regret the one you already have, laser tattoo removal is the answer. Three to four sessions may be needed; $600 each time, depending on the tattoo size.

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