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Beauty 101: Mouth Makeover in Singapore

Beauty 101: Mouth Makeover in Singapore
Beauty 101: Mouth Makeover in Singapore

Dr Egwin Yeo

Asia Healthcare Dental Surgeons
#15-02 Wisma Atria Office Tower
+65 6737 2662
gWhen it comes to the aesthetics of our teeth, DR EGWIN YEO of Asia Healthcare Dental Surgeons says there are four common concerns among patients: their colour, their shape, crookedness, and – for the unlucky ones! – a combination of these factors. Here are some of the typical queries he receives, and his basic guide to solving the problems they raise.

My teeth have yellowed quite a bit over the years. Is this something I can change?
For someone who is concerned only about the colour of his or her teeth, simply undergoing teeth whitening could be all that’s needed. Two professional options are available here: using a customised whitening kit at home, or undergoing in-office teeth whitening. 

Whitening would be the least-invasive aesthetic procedure. However, some patients require more than just whitening; especially if they present with dark intrinsic stains. In these cases, we would probably prescribe veneers in addition to teeth whitening to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing result. 

I don’t like the shape of my teeth. What can I do?

If there is a concern about the shape of teeth, veneers can change that. Veneers are wafer-thin “coverings” made of porcelain or resin that are cemented over the outer surface of the teeth. This effectively alters the shape of the teeth (as prescribed by the dentist) and, to a certain extent, their colour.

My smile is crooked! I’ve had braces before, but my teeth seem to have shifted a bit.

Is there some way I can fix the problem without resorting to braces again?

For a person with crooked teeth, the preferred treatment is still braces. Conventional metal braces are the mainstay, and more aesthetic options such as cosmetic brackets (tooth-coloured ceramic braces) and Invisalign sequential retainers are available.

Porcelain crowns and veneers can be used to mask crooked teeth, but they are usually more invasive and the sound tooth structure may have to be sacrificed. However, if the imbrications are mild, veneers can be a viable option to correct the aesthetic component of malocclusion.

I grind my teeth at night, and I think I’m wearing them out! What’s the answer?

In patients whose teeth are severely worn, a common complaint is that the teeth have become short and broad. One of the main reasons for severe tooth wear is grinding of teeth. Before embarking on treatment, a thorough assessment is needed and other associated problems such as jaw joint pain need to be managed before we can restore the “dentition” (the character of the teeth).

Frequently, a full-mouth reconstruction is required as these patients often present with a collapsed bite and what is known as overclosure. Such a reconstruction involves multiple units of crowns and onlays, not only to restore the aesthetics of the teeth, but their function as well.

After treatment, a mouthguard would be prescribed to prevent further wear of the prosthesis and teeth in future.


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