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Basic five-item first aid kit

First aid kit 

Travelling through Asia can play havoc with your, ahem … constitution. So don’t get caught unprepared in a foreign land, desperately trying to hand sign “painkillers” in a futile effort to a confused pharmacist.

Here are five items to pop into a ziplock bag on your next trip.

  1. Your choice of painkiller such as Panadol. Good for headaches and mild fever.

  2. Laxatives and rehydration sachets like Dioralyte. For the after-effects of a dodgy dish with unrecognisable meat or a too-spicy curry.

  3. Allergy medicine. Tablets containing antihistamines are effective against watery eyes, running nose and itchy rashes.

  4. Plasters. For small cuts and blisters.

  5. Any personal prescription medicine. Also, bring vitamin C or a multivitamin as a supplement.