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Bars with awesome live music in Singapore

By: Daniel Tay, We Are Spaces

Singapore is first known for her awesome food, closely followed by her amazing night scene. With an incredible array of nightlife and entertainment choices, it’s pretty hard to pick the best watering holes for catching awesome live music – there are simply too many choices! No worries, though – we did the work for you and narrowed it down. Here are five of our fave bars with great live music that you should visit in Singapore.


Hood Bar is chilled and colourful

Hood Bar and Café
If you’ve had enough of the top 10 hits on the radio, and are looking for some local aural delights, “The Hood” is the place to go. With a name like that, you can expect plenty of bands that have risen up from the “neighbourhood” on display for your listening pleasure. The funky art projected onto the walls also gives the bar an authentic “hood” vibe. The best part: live bands are on every single night, and Hood has hosted over 80 bands to date – you’ll never have to worry that there’ll be no live music when you drop by.


TAB doubles as a restaurant

Don’t fancy squeezing in with the crowd? With three storeys from which to sit back and enjoy the music and dine at the same time, there’s no need to worry that TAB will ever be too crowded for your liking. TAB regularly hosts local artists and international artistes alike, with popular acts such as Janice and Sonia and Ryan Cabrera gracing these halls with their performances. TAB is better known for being a “restaurant with live music”, though, with the main dining area directly facing the stage.


St James Wine Bar is a classy affair

St James Wine Bar & Bistro
St James Wine Bar & Bistro gives a more polished and upper-class feel than the rest on this list. This sports-bar-come-restaurant features jazz performers and a cracking selection of spirits. But the food is the real highlight of this snazzy venue. The menu offers a variety of European-based dishes that goes well with the musical accompaniment of the night. If you’re looking for a classy venue to dine at, this is the place for you.


Acid Bar has a wicked shophouse setting

Acid Bar
Acid Bar can be found in a quaint restored shophouse with lovely Peranakan-influenced décor. The open-air concept of the venue adds to the comfortable ambience, and you will almost always find this place packed to the brim every night of the week. For good reason – Acid Bar features a musical line-up that is unique and varied, with performances on stage every night from 7pm onwards. We’d recommend heading there a bit earlier to grab a spot and enjoy happy hour, from 5-9pm daily.


The great Arts House outlet in town

Saving the best for last! There probably isn’t a single soul in Singapore who hasn’t heard of or been to any one of the many Timbre venues in Singapore. Out of them all, though, my favorite would definitely be the Arts House outlet, which is located right next to the Singapore River (on the quiet side as well), and boasts a line-up of the most well-known local bands, such as the Goodfellas (on Fridays) and 53A (on Tuesdays). The performances are located on the outdoor stage, which is the perfect spot to enjoy both the music and the scenery as well. However, you can be sure that the music can be equally enjoyed indoors as well, if you find it more comfortable there.