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Bar review: You are what you drink

We found five drinks in town that cater to the best and worst in our personalities. Tip one up and toast to who you are, who you wish to be or who you hope to never, ever become.

The Narcissist

Order it at: 1TwentySix

Located at: 902 East Coast Parkway, #01-26 Playground @ Big Splash

It’ll Cost You: $16


This drink of vodka, lime, raspberries and skewered peach bites has a pretty decent self-image – and for good reason. The vodka is Russian Standard, the lime is freshly squeezed and the raspberries are infused with rosemary for a week. The collision of sweet and sour with bites of berries and fruit makes the Narcissist hard to resist… unless you prefer the Younger Man, that is. This cocktail of brandy and Blue Curacao brings a little friendly competition into the fray with its flashy floating shot of lychee liqueur and soursoup. Both drinks are part of the Seven Desirable Sins cocktail list. Ticking your way down the list is devilishly fun, especially on weekend nights when this East Coast restaurant brings in a live band to accompany the splendid seaside views.

The Belvedere Addict

Order it at: Pierside

Located at: 1 Fullerton Road, #01-01 One Fullerton

It’ll Cost You: $20


The menu may list this drink’s ingredients as Belvedere vodka, vanilla syrup, Frangelico and espresso, but we discovered that – like all addicts – there is much more beneath the surface. After all, these ingredients are the formula for a basic espresso martini, and Pierside isn’t about serving the basics. This bayside happy hour favourite likes to pop in a few surprises to keep things interesting – and the Belvedere Addict’s extra bump comes from surreptitious shots of Butterscotch Schnapps and coffee-based Patron XO Café. The result? A beautifully buttery, creamy concoction with a golden base and crema peak – and three floating coffee beans for good luck. Be wary – we can see how this deliciously smooth drink could easily become habit forming. Watch for a totally new look as Pierside undergoes a complete revamp this month. The details are hush-hush, just like the ingredients in the cocktails.

The Gatsby

Order it at: Mu

Located at: 16A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village

It’ll Cost You: $18


Mix oolong tea, Grey Goose, muddled grapes, Granny Smith apples – and a dash of champagne for an effervescent kick – and you have a nostalgic elixir that harkens back to balmy Long Island, New York in the Roaring Twenties. Though the name connotes the dry days of the Prohibition era, this drink rebels against its teetotal roots – it, and every cocktail at Mu, has at least one-and-a-half shots, the so-called “American pour”. There is no added sugar, as the folks at Mu don’t believe in slopping up your drink with simple sugar mixes. Everything here – from the gourmet burgers to the tea-infused cocktails – ishomemade and au naturel. Even the atmosphere is organic. Like your chair? Take it home with you – the furniture is for sale, which means the interior is constantly changing. Mu is Japanese for “nothing”, but there is definitely something about this place that we love. It may be the secret bar area that we swore we wouldn’t mention – oops, we’ve said too much!

The Ho Chi Mint

Order it at: Loof

Located at: 331 North Bridge Road, #03-07 Odeon Towers

It’ll Cost You: $17


Seemingly sweet, this cocktail has a very, very serious side. No frilly martini glasses here – this drink is all business. No matter your politics, it’s hard not to love a cocktail with an ingredient list like this: pear nectar, lemon juice, cucumber, cloudy apple juice, mint leaves and ice-cold vodka. Head to the newly re-vamped Loof for this lighter take on Vietnam’s revolutionary leader. It’s one of five new cocktails inspired by Southeast Asia that perfectly suits the rooftop bar’s facelift. Gone are the islands of low seating in a confusing layout – in their place, you’ll find an expanse of spacious decking with comfortable chairs, high tables and a long bar. There’s even an ol’ mama’s shop selling fun trinkets and cigarettes.


The Hunk

Order it at: Bartini

Located at: 46 Club Street

It’ll Cost You: $17


In a world governed by the survival of the fittest, the brawny Hunk reigns supreme. Made popular by Sex & The City, the strength of this drink of Cariel Vanilla vodka, pineapple juice and lime is the addition of gomme, a syrup containing gum arabic that prevents the sugar from crystallising. The result is a silky-smooth mouth feel that simple syrup just can’t impart. If the Hunk is just a little too dreamy for your liking, go for the Diplomat, a tipple of Diplomatic Reserva Exclusiva rum and vermouth served straight up. This guy scored five out of five for alcohol on Bartini’s menu key, which kindly classifies each cocktail according to taste – sweet or sour – and alcohol content.