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Bar Review: Bago at Lime House

Tucked away in the trendy Keong Saik area, Bago is a laidback Caribbean-themed lounge perfect for a mid-week respite. Designed for “liming” – the Caribbean pastime of doing nothing but sharing drinks and conversation with friends – this watering hole exudes beachy vibes that’ll have you thinking you’re at a seaside bar.

Bago at Lime House Bar
Bago at Lime House

The Chosen One: There are so many choices on both the rum and cocktail menus that it can be hard to pick a drink – especially if, like me, you’re not a rum expert. Thankfully, there’s an option to help you with that predicament; order a Bago Build ($25), which allows you to choose your mood (bold, flirty, chill, fancy or adventurous) and taste (tropical, spicy, rich or herbal), then sit back and let the bartender work his magic!

Bago at Lime House Morris
The signature Morris from Bago

The Cheapskate: While a single glass of specialty rum can go for as much as $52, there are also tons of by-the-glass options below $20. Both the Mount Gay Eclipse from Barbados and Koko Kanu from Jamaica are priced at $16.

Bite on this: While most patrons eat at the downstairs Lime House restaurant before heading upstairs for drinks, bar bites are offered here, too, if you’re feeling peckish. We loved the jerk beef sliders ($18), an appetising combination of meat and spices, as well as the Caribbean seafood cakes ($16), a satisfying order for crustacean-lovers like me. Vegetarians can try the saheenas with tamarind sauce ($14), an interesting, Indian-influenced dish made of crispy pea-mash fritters and a tangy dip.

jerk beef sliders
We loved the jerk beef sliders, an appetising combination of meat and spices

Last but not least: If you’re in the mood for something exotic, try the Rhum Bielle Blanc ($17), a white rum with strong sugarcane and vanilla notes. But it packs a punch with a 59 percent alcohol content, so go easy!

Level 2, 2 Jiak Chuan Road
6222 3130 | limehouse.asia

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