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Back doctors in Singapore and Hong Kong

Back pain 

Having a desk-bound job means hours of hunching over the keyboard and plenty of back problems. Before you find yourself resembling a certain bell-ringer at Notre-Dame, here are some doctors in Singapore (SG) and Hong Kong (HK) who can help. 

Light touches at specific points along the spine to relieve tension and improve posture 

Dr Brian Morris
Life Chiropractic Centre
17 Joo Chiat Place
6346 4072 or info@lifechirocentre.com

Dr Shara Downey
Asia Chiropractic Health Services
15 Phillip Street, #08-00 Tan Ean Kiam Building
6534 4393

Dr Lynelle Kerr
1 Orchard Boulevard, #03-03 Camden Medical Centre
6835 9538 or cmc@innate.com.sg 

Dr Alex Ling
Optimal Health Chiropractic
Suite 1009, Yu To Sang Building, 37 Queen’s Road Central, Central Hong Kong
(852) 2234 9898 

Dr Keith Wong
Hong Kong Chiropractic Healthcare Centre
Suite 1010-1011, 10/F Yu To Sang Building
37 Queen’s Road Central, Central Hong Kong
(852) 3698 0298 

Joint stablisation and manipulation, soft tissue stretching and deep pressure techniques to relieve stiff neck, shoulders and back problems 

Dr David Tio
Osteopathic Treatment Centre
19 Tanglin Road, #12-02 Tanglin Shopping Centre
6734 6440 or osteo@osteopathy.com.sg 

Dr Martin John
Orchard Health & Natural Therapies Clinic
9 Penang Road, #07-22 Park Mall Shopping Centre
6336 9577 or info@orchardhealthclinic.com

Dr Chung Sze Chan
Central Healing
16/FL The Workst@tion, 43 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central Hong Kong
(852) 3426 3460

Dr Thomas Fan
Quantum Leap Wellness
5/F Century Square, 1 D’Aguilar Street, Central Hong Kong
(852) 9889 9184 or info@osteopath-asia.com

Sutherland Chan Centre
19/F World Trust Tower,
50 Stanley Street, Central Hong Kong
(852) 2544 5838 or bookings@sccentre.com.hk

Sports Physicians
For people experiencing sport-related injuries, usually comes with integrated support services such as podiatrists and nutritionists


Dr Ben Tan
Singapore Sports Medicine Centre
10 Sinaran Drive, #08-08 Novena Medical Centre
6737 1000 or doctor@ssmc.sg

Dr Clarence Leung
Sports Medical Centre
Unit 2606, 26/F Nine Queen’s Road Central, Central Hong Kong
(852) 2801 7989

Orthopaedic Surgeons
For severe back injuries that requires injections, keyhole surgeries or more complicated procedures

Dr Benjamin Tow
Orthopaedic and Spine Clinic
3 Mount Elizabeth, #11-02 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
6235 5774 or orthospinesg@gmail.com

Dr Prem Pillay
The Spine Specialist
3 Mount Elizabeth, #15-03 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
6835 4325 or info@spine-neuro.org

Dr HT Chow
Asia Medical Specialists
8/F Aon China Building
29 Queen’s Road Central, Central Hong Kong
(852) 2521 6830

Dr Raymond Yip
Spine Care Hong Kong
Suite 613, Central Building
1 Pedder Street, Central Hong Kong
(852) 2810 7388 or info@spinecarehk.com

Strategically placed needles on problem areas to increase the flow of qi through your body’s meridians

Dr Cui Shu Li
Singapore General Hospital Pain Management Centre
Outram Road, Block 6 Level 2
6321 4377

Dr Jin Jin Hua
Raffles Chinese Medicine
Raffles Hospital, 585 North Bridge Road Level 13
6311 1222 or specialist@raffleshospital.com

Dr Clair Beardson
Albert Place Practice
1103 Luk Yu Building
24-26 Stanley Street, Central Hong Kong
(852) 2234 9932 or yinyang@appractice.com

Dr William Lo
Atlas Chinese Medicine and Physiotherapy Clinic
Flat 03, 20/F Righteous Centre
585 Nathan Road, Mong Kok Hong Kong
(852) 2386 6388

Massage, ice, heat and electrical stimulation treatments for early stages of back pain to increase core stability or upper back mobility

Dr Lim Hun Teck
Raffles Physiotherapy Centre
Raffles Hospital, 585 North Bridge Road Level 13
6311 2350 or specialist@raffleshospital.com

Justin Faulkner
Unit 2104 Universal Trade Centre, 3-5a Arbuthnot Road, Central Hong Kong
(852) 2801 4801 or info@physio-central.com