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Baby care products: What your infant really needs

As a parent, our first instinct is to protect our children. From the moment our child is born, taking care of the little one becomes the priority. Naturally, we want our baby to be healthy and happy, and this includes preventing baby skin rash or irritations.

One way to ensure that the baby’s skin is healthy is to make sure you’re using the right baby skin care products. The largest organ of the body, skin plays a major role in protecting us from external irritants. A baby’s skin is much more sensitive than an adults and it’s best to use a baby oil or lotion, gentle baby wash and a baby shampoo that’s specifically formulated for their skin.

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Here’s the Science Bit
While still in your womb, the baby is protected by a natural layer called the vernix and natural lipids called ceramides, giving it a dual moisture layer. However, after birth, this dual moisture layer is lost. In addition, baby’s skin hasn’t fully developed yet, hence it is thinner than an adult’s and likely to be dry, flaky and sensitive. Frequent baths also strip the skin of the little moisture it has, causing it to get irritated faster. A baby with rashes is an unhappy baby, and no parent wants (or needs, after a sleepless night!) that.

So how can we prevent this?
The key to healthy skin after birth is to make sure the dual moisture layer is sufficiently hydrated. It’s essential to use products that are formulated with gentle ingredients minus alcohols, harsh fragrances and colourants. As most new and experienced mums aren’t aware of this dual moisture layer they tend to pick moisturisers that only hydrate the outer layer of the skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated.

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So what do you use? The Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare line offers premium skin care products that contain the miracle ingredient NatulayerTM. This locks in moisture to hydrate and protect, providing dual moisturisation essential for your baby’s delicate skin. Additionally, every product in the range is dermatologically tested and pH balanced to provide your baby with an additional layer of protection.

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Complete with a Purifying Body Wash, Nourishing Shampoo, Moisturising Lotion, Protective Cream and Calming Oil, it includes everything your baby needs for hydrated healthy skin.

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