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Baby care products that will soothe your newborn’s dry skin

It’s a little known fact that a newborn baby’s skin is only a third as thick as that of an adult. Because of this delicateness, the best baby skin care products are intensely moisturising. Happily, Pigeon has developed an exclusive baby skin care product line specifically for this purpose; Yusuke Nakata, Managing Director at Pigeon Singapore, reveals more about the Nature Pure range.

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Pigeon is known for its baby bottles and breastfeeding accessories; what else can you tell us about the brand?
Founded in Japan, Pigeon has over four decades of credibility and experience, and is a global leader in newborn skincare technology. Pigeon products are developed by a team of world-class scientists who continually strive for innovation. The Newborn Pure series is made in Japan.

What is Natulayer and how does it work?
Natulayer is Pigeon’s innovative and trademarked formula. It’s made with ingredients that mimic the natural coat of protection found on a baby’s skin in the womb. This skin can become dry, flaky and sensitive after birth; Newborn Pure hydrates and protects the skin by locking in moisture.

How were the products evaluated?
All Newborn Pure products were put to the test: firstly, in a blind product evaluation test with mothers; secondly, in a test against other leading baby skincare brands. The results unanimously showed that mums prefer the Newborn Pure series.

How long did the Pigeon research team spend developing the breakthrough formulations?
It took us approximately two years to perfect the product. Rather than working in isolation, we enlisted mums who use premium baby skincare products to give us their view, which helped to validate the range. Pure is based on the understanding of how the vernix and ceramide provide a dual moisturising benefit on babies’ skin.

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So what do the experts think? 
Pigeon’s own market research found that 64 percent of mothers were unaware of the dual layer of moisture found on the skin of babies: 80 percent didn’t know about vernix and 61 percent hadn’t heard of ceramide.

And according to Dr Mark Koh Jean Aan, Head and Consultant, Dermatology Service at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital: ‘Newborn skin differs from that of older children and adults, both in structure and function. Two natural substances help protect babies’ sensitive skin: vernix, a creamy-white waterproof layer on the skin of an unborn baby that helps the maturation of skin, and ceramide, also found on babies’ skin at birth, which acts as a barrier to help the skin remain moist and supple. At birth, vernix acts as a lubricant and protects the baby from bacteria outside the womb, and both substances are equally important to give babies a head start to great skin.’

It seems to be an extensive range, covering every aspect of skin care.
Yes, we wanted to cover every aspect of baby skincare, from head to toe. The series includes five products, all containing Natulayer: Purifying Body Wash, Nourishing Shampoo, Moisturising Lotion, Calming Oil and Protective Cream.

Which is the most popular product in the range?
The Calming Oil. It soothes and calms, so applying it to the skin is not only nourishing, but also a sensory experience. It’s perfect for baby massages, which can relieve common irritations like colic, and improve sleep. The bottle features a unique dispensing tip, which takes the mess and acrobatics out of applying just the right amount to the skin. As with all Pure products, it is dermatologically tested, and free from parabens, alcohol and other nasty ingredients that may cause skin irritation.

Find Newborn Pure at Motherswork, selected Guardian pharmacies and department stores.

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