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Art Garden at Singapore Art Museum: A perfect day out for kids

While it's a kid-friendly exhibition, the works are by talented artists, so adults will enjoy it just as much as littlies 

In the tech-mad 21st century, electronic gadgets compete for children’s time like never before. But the new Art Garden exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum is bound to rival the appeal of the iTouch or the Wii.

Unlike paintings and sculptures, the contemporary art commissioned for Art Garden is fabulously interactive. The eight big, bold installations by local and international artists are sturdily built for children to touch and play with.

What to see: Just perfect for short attention spans are the 15 short films and animations, ranging from one to 12 minutes, that play in the theatre. The whimsical, life-sized garden with well-loved fairytale characters is another winner, and there’s lots more. Here are a few of them.

  • In terms of sheer effort, determination and creativity the Stellar Cave II deserves kudos. The scale and intricacy of this work by Frenchman Julien Salaud is breathtaking. Only ladders, screws and an incredible 35 kilometres of cotton were used to form this nail and thread artwork inspired by paintings in the Lascaux Caves.
  • Taking inspiration from Dali, Vicente Delgado took three months to create Around the Day in Eighty Worlds entirely by hand. Pondering just how far a child’s imagination can run in the space of one day, he filled the space with busy patterns, tactile objects, and kaleidoscope kits to make.
  • Sound technology and digital animation create an optical illusion of expanding and contracting walls that respond to loudness and voice pitch. The Incredibly Magical Expanding Room encourages children to experiment with using their voices to interact with their surroundings, and see the results before their eyes.
  • A swivelling bed transports children from day to night, and what at first appears a scary nightmare is in fact a fantasy. Glossy Dreams in Depths is the work of Frenchman Stéphane Blanquet, who has filled the rooms with unusual objects and zany drawings converted to 3D images and holograms.

For: Anyone aged two or older

How much: Citizens, PRs and children up to the age of six are free, adults pay $10 and students pay $5. Free admission on Fridays from 6pm to 9pm

When: Until 1 September

Where: Singapore Art Museum at 8Q, 8 Queen Street (MRT: Bras Brasah)

6332 3222 | singaporeartmuseum.sg