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All about art this April

We check out what’s happening in the art scene this month. New galleries, exhibition openings and museums as well as art shows and events for you to explore!


Beyonce screen print
Vibrant screen print of Beyonce

Under Pressure

From 19 to 23 April, ION Art Gallery presents Don’t Pressure Me, an exhibition by artist Rajul Mehta that illustrates the everyday pressures of women from all walks of life, and also explores the trajectories of successful women. The Indian-born, Israelbased artist’s colourful screen prints – inspired by the Pop Art-style portraits by Andy Warhol – portray Bollywood stars and Hollywood celebrities such as Beyonce and Keira Knightley, while her symbolic sculpture swaps out the head of an Indian woman for a pressure cooker.

Rajul says, “We all have pressure cookers inside our heads. This constant need to juggle, to meet deadlines; as pressure boils we blow off steam, we let go and we start all over again. Our lives are really just a constant balancing of our many roles and relationships in a world that expects us to be a certain way and perhaps to even behave a certain way”. Inviting viewers to question their own roles in society, Don’t Pressure Me reflects on where women stand in this globalised world, and the complex pressures that drive them to adapt and succeed in the many things they do every day. Open from 10am to 10pm daily. For more on the artist, visit rajulmehta.com.


Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay
The beautiful Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

Nature Takeover

Image courtesy of Chris Morin Eitner

From 8 April to 21 May, as part of this year’s Voilah! French Festival, Gardens by the Bay Supertree Grove plays host to Once Upon A Time Tomorrow, an exhibition that transports visitors to reimagined and foreign landscapes of abandoned cities and monuments that have been reclaimed by nature. Conceptualised by renowned French photographer Chris Morin-Eitner, the exhibition – inspired by the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia – features over 90 images that depict major capitals and landmarks from around the world, including several Singapore-specific sites, and how these spaces would transform should they be overrun by flora and fauna, highlighting the often vulnerable and fragile relationship between man and nature. For more information, visit voilah.sg.


Affordable Art Fair elephant sculptures
Colourful elephants sculptures

Accessible Art

The Affordable Art Fair returns to the F1 Pit from 7 to 9 April, offering an array of contemporary art from local and international galleries, priced between $100 and $15,000 – with 75 percent of the art priced under $7,500. The Spring 2017 edition will also feature a number of new galleries, fresh artworks and an art wall for charity, plus various education programmes. For more information, visit affordableartfair.com/singapore.


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