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Aqua Spin in Singapore: We review the new craze of spinning in water

By: By Amy Brook-Partridge

Spinning in water? As a self-confessed addict of spinning on dry land, I just had to give it a try. Here’s what you can expect from an Aqua Spin class.


Before the class
As the classes take place in open air swimming pools (are there any indoor ones in Singapore?), slap on the sunscreen, your swimmers, socks if you think your feet may be sensitive to the pedal fins, and don’t forget your towel. Bring drinking water if you like, but they do provide cups of water halfway through the session.

In the pool
Trainers and Aqua Spin owners Yannick and Alicia place the stationary bikes (ten in total) in the pool, well spaced out. They’re submerged, apart from the handlebars, and the pedals have a yellow “fin” covering them. I swiftly find out that this makes them even harder to pedal in the water.

Alicia stands at the end of the pool, music blaring to get us going, and the warm-up begins, working the legs at 50 percent, 75 percent and then 100 percent capacity. We’re clearly instructed to move into various positions, working at different levels to target several areas of the body and build up our cardio fitness.

The class isn’t all legwork, although there’s plenty of that, with more variety than in a normal gym spinning class. We work on biceps and triceps, and even do a series of sit-ups whilst lying back on our seat with our feet gripping onto the handlebars.

The class finishes with a series of high-intensity sprints, culminating in us using our hands to keep us balanced in the water, while giving 100 percent with our legs.

After the class
I’m not going to lie: the class was tough, and I expected to feel some soreness or tightness in my legs the next day. However, the fact that you’re exercising in water actually means you’re also getting a gentle massage at the same time, and this helps to reduce the amount of lactic acid build-up in the thighs and consequently reduces muscle pain.

The best bits
According to Yannick, you can expect to burn 800 calories or more in a class. What’s more, it can help break down cellulite and reduce the risk of varicose veins and water retention.

And finally…
Due to the buoyancy of the water, the exercise is suitable for any level of fitness, from novice to triathlete. Aqua Spin has also just launched dedicated prenatal classes, on Monday mornings at the Polo Club. The exercise is ideal for mums-to-be: you can keep cool while exercising, and the water reduces any stress on the body.

Times and Cost
Aqua Spin classes are run from Monday to Saturday, at the British Club, the Polo Club, the Swiss Club, Serangoon Country Club, One Degree 15 and the Tanglin Club. Classes can also be arranged in private pools, with group sessions starting at $70 per person for a group of three, to $45 for a group of six or more.


For more information about Aqua Spin, please contact Alicia Antonuccio at 9698 9202 or email alicia@aquaspin.sg