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Apps that cost more than your phone

Apps that cost more than your phone 

iVIP Black (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) US$999.99

“The Millionaire App”, as iTunes calls it, brings you exclusive deals on booking private yachts, planes and even islands. We’re just not sure why your PA isn’t already taking care of this!

Cesar HQ limited edition desktop clock (BlackBerry) US$499.99

Since BlackBerry is the still the phone of choice for the conglomerates and business professionals always-on-the-go, it’s no surprise that BlackBerry’s dedicated app shop has tons of desktop clock downloads to help professionals stay on time. So if you’re flush with a new bonus (and have more money than sense) download one of these 50 limited edition Cesar HQ clocks to display on your phone. It doesn’t do much for the Blackberry user’s street cred to know that there’s already a review from Crackberry Kevin who says: “Now I just need the P’9981 Porsche Design BlackBerry to load this up on to and I’ll have the blingiest BlackBerry in the world.”

Spite (Android) US$200

Android Market is saturated with apps marked at the maximum-capped price of US$200, but Spite is the epitome of expensive and pointless apps. The app does nothing but show a yellow emoticon with the words “I paid $200 for this stupid app! I did it to spite you!” It is beyond our understanding why there have been at least five downloads to date.