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Anti-ageing clinics in Singapore: Specialist solutions to try out

By: Rebecca Bisset

Do these anti-ageing treatments and processes really work? It’s taken me a while to work out the answer, but yes I think they do.

Many of them focus on boosting collagen, firming and tightening – which most of us are looking for – and it’s not the kind of thing that happens overnight, so it’s harder to gauge than a surgical facelift, for example.

I think the science and technology behind beauty treatments is improving all the time. I recently had the Cutis 3D Non-Surgical Facelift with Dr Sylvia Ramirez at Cutis Medical Laser Clinic and it was practically pain-free compared to a similar three-in-one treatment I had 18 months before with another company, which was effective but comparable to childbirth on the pain scale! I’ve had laser toning and some RF in between and I think that has all helped.

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Included in her initial assessment of my skin is the Visia Skin Analysis (reflected in the above image) which shows up hidden damage; hyper-pigmentation, UV spots, inflammation, rosacea and much more. It’s also something I had done years ago and the analysis then wasn’t good. Apparently I’m not too bad for my age now, so the various treatments must be paying off.

This was my first time under Dr Sylvia’s care. I was happy to note that there were no comments along the lines of ‘Oh my goodness you need a lot doing!’ First she sorts out my saggy eyelids (my Achilles heel) with a little shot of Botox just under the eyebrow, aimed at lifting my brow, opening the eyes and reducing sagginess without effecting any expressions! At first I couldn’t work out the logic of the area she was focusing on – but it was spot on.

Her other recommendations are all very well made and offer creative solutions to my concerns – and they include the aforementioned Cutis 3D Non-Surgical Facelift. In her cool new rooms, I’m prepared very nicely for the facelift, which is done using a combination of three machines. They’re very thorough with the consultation and I feel very pampered and cared for, which is really crucial for this kind of work otherwise it can be a bit unnerving. The good news is that it’s pain-free! I’m liking all of this – a lot. They also offer a comprehensive aftercare service.

anti aging beauty serums singapore
Fibroblast growth factor serum

The advancements of anti-ageing serums are also changing our options, away from the off the shelf branded stuff, and I have been trying various ones over the past few months that I think are making a difference. Sylvia has her own brand: Fibroblast Growth Factor Serum (with plant stem cells). It’s PH balanced for all skin types and helps reactivate collagen to improve skin density, texture and firmness. It has an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory element much higher than the common benchmarks and it also prevents the decrease of Hyaluronic acid – responsible for skin hydration and firmness. This one is next on my tried and tested list.

More details of the non-surgical facelift are below, for those who are keen on trying it. As for me, I’m looking forward to my next session – perhaps a little lip filler. I’m getting very daring; I’ll be looking 21 again soon!


Cutis Medical Laser Clinics

9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza #08-07

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The Cutis team explains how their 3D Non-Surgical Facelift works:

It includes the power of three FDA ¬approved collagen¬-building treatments, Titan, Laser Genesis and Trilipo, that work together on different layers of the skin to result in skin lifting and tightening.

● Titan Skin Tightening stimulates cells known as fibroblasts to build collagen in deeper layers of the skin. Clinical studies demonstrate that the Titan results in significant collagen production, so it’s particularly good for the neck, jowls, cheeks, and eye areas. But it can also be used on all parts of the body. During the procedure, the skin’s surface (epidermis) is protected through continuous cooling with the Titan hand piece. After the procedure, new collagen growth results in further tightening with the improvement of skin elasticity.

● Laser Genesis procedure uses non¬invasive laser technology to safely treat fine line wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin texture, diffuse redness and scars. It reduces the inflammation and helps heal potential scarring from acne. This treatment also reduces pores and works to improve the texture of your skin by stimulating collagen growth with repeated treatments. By gently heating the upper dermis well below the skin’s surface, it increases collagen regrowth. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.

● Trilipo Fat Reduction Technology is backed by clinical studies to result in collagen building as well as to increase fat metabolism in order to reduce excess fat. It improves collagen and elastin stores, so that the facial contours look gently lifted. It’s a high-¬power radiofrequency system that safely and effectively result in body contouring, particularly on the abdomen, thighs and arms, as well as for the treatment of stretch marks, skin laxity and facial wrinkles.

It works by heating multiple layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat. This results in a triple-action mechanism that simultaneously; 1) increases fat metabolism resulting in fat reduction, 2) tightens the skin resulting in firming and improvement of skin texture and 3) builds collagen stores by stimulation of the fibroblasts in the deeper layer of the skin.