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Animal welfare champion Gill Dalley loses battle with cancer

Gill Dalley, co-founder of the Soi Dog Foundation, has passed away at the age of 58, following a short battle with cancer. Gill spearheaded the non-profit charity alongside her husband John, and friend Margot Homburg, a Dutch retiree.

Gill Dalley animal welfare
Gill Dalley, 29 January 1959 to 13 February 2017

Gill and John retired to Phuket in 2003, and quickly became determined to do something about the prevalent stray dog and cat population. Gill’s tireless work saw her roll out a vital stray animal sterilisation programme, which has since seen over 135,000 animals sterilised and counted, whilst John’s key focus has been on the illegal Thai dog meat trade.

Over the past three years Gill designed and oversaw the building of the biggest hospital dedicated to street dogs in Asia, and today the Soi Dog Foundation is the largest in the region to work with stray cats and dogs.

Gill Dalley stray animals Thailand
Gill with one of the many stray dogs she has helped over the years in Phuket

Gill suffered her own personal setbacks during her time in Thailand, including having both legs amputated in 2004, following a rare bacterial infection contracted whilst saving a stray dog from a paddy field. Her best friend and volunteer Leone Cosens died during the Asian tsunami that same year, leading Gill to counsel survivors and relatives of victims, despite being wheelchair bound (she subsequently used her incredible determination to teach herself to walk again).

She leaves behind devoted husband John, who will carry on their work with the foundation. To find out more about Gill and her work, or how you can help, click here.

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