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An EL editor’s weight loss journey: Real Food, Real Results (Part 2)

Harriet Empey continues her weight loss journey with Aileen Lane of Nutri-Style’s Coach Approach programme.

Week 5

I put on half a kilo this week despite sticking to my daily calorie limit except for one day, which Aileen said wouldn’t have made me gain weight. She said it could be water retention due to hormones or alcohol. I weighed myself again the day after my weigh-in and bizarrely I am back down to the previous week’s weight. My body is obviously a bit haywire!

This week, we talked about detoxing. I’m planning to do the five- to seven-day detox in at the end of Week 6 when hubby is away – it’ll be easier then. I’ll have to avoid meat, fish, dairy, wheat, caffeine, all processed foods and alcohol, among other things. Must get out my recipe books and plan some delicious detox-friendly meals.

At the end of the week I tried on a pile of clothes I’ve had in my wardrobe for over six years. I’ve been hanging onto them in the firm belief that one day I would lose weight and be able to wear them. Some of them fit me now and others will fit me in a couple of weeks. Yay!


Age: 38

Starting weight: 80.8kg

Weight after 10 weeks: 75.1kg

Weight lost in 10 weeks: 5.7kg




Week 6


Lost 800g this week. Aileen asked me to think of three positive things about my weight loss to keep me motivated, especially if I see smaller losses on the scales some weeks: not craving sweet things anymore; not feeling hungry all the time; and fitting back into clothes.

She spoke about the importance of exercise this week. I must admit I haven’t done any regular exercise for over three years (gulp). I have to try to include some weight-bearing exercise such as walking, aerobic exercise like swimming and a bit of weightlifting to keep bingo wings and saddlebags at bay.

Did my first ever Zumba class this week – luckily it was a beginners’ class as I don’t have good coordination. I loved the music and it would be a really fun way to exercise if I could get the hang of it.

Started my detox on Friday. I’m finding it rather challenging as I’m not used to eating quite so much fruit and veg. Thankfully, I can have non-wheat pasta, quinoa, brown rice and beans to keep me satiated.

Week 7


The weight is coming off very slowly – just a 300g loss this week. Aileen doesn’t think this is a bad thing, as this way I’m more likely to keep it off. She said my body seems quite resistant to losing weight, possibly because I’ve been at this weight for a number of years, but that adding in some exercise might jumpstart my weight loss.

Fat was this week’s nutrition topic: why the body needs fat; which types are best and which to avoid; cooking without oil and adding oil to cooked food.

I’m continuing with my detox for another couple of days but can’t wait until the weekend when I will relish a homemade pizza with a couple of glasses of wine. Bizarrely, I found myself having cravings while doing the detox even though I haven’t experienced any since I started the programme.

Week 8


A 100g gain this week. Aileen tells me not to get despondent and to think of all the compliments I’ve been receiving recently.    

I’ve really got to start doing some exercise!

She spoke about osteoporosis and how doing weight-bearing exercise like walking is essential for keeping it at bay. She also gave me a list of non-animal calcium sources like sesame seeds, oatmeal, almonds and leafy green vegetables which I should eat more of.

Only another two weeks to go and Aileen would love to see me lose some more weight. Two of her clients who have just completed the programme have lost 8kg and 9.5kg respectively; it seems they did a good amount of exercise.

Week 9

Finally another loss! Half a kilo down this week after a couple of not-so-good weeks.

Supplements were the topic for discussion this week: essential fatty acids, water- and fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and green powder. Although Aileen gets most of her vitamins and minerals from her food, she does take supplements too and finds that she catches fewer colds and other bugs as a result.

We also chatted about making time for exercise and putting health before everything else. “Women have to learn to put themselves first before their children and husband,” says Aileen, “They have to put a healthy diet and exercise ahead of everything else.”

I actually did some exercise this week – I went for an evening walk and I did an aqua aerobics class at my condo, too.

Week 10

Yay! I’m really back on the weight loss wagon again. I lost 1.2kg for a total of 5.7kg in 10 weeks. Aileen went through her notes from the past 10 weeks to show how far I’ve come and to give me motivation to keep going.

I’ve seen great results on the Coach Approach programme. I’ve dropped a dress size and all of my skirts are swivelling round when I walk because the waistbands are too big. I no longer crave chocolates, cakes, pastries or cheese and I don’t feel deprived if I’m at a restaurant and I don’t eat what I used to. My bloated tummy has gone too – it just needs a bit of Pilates to tone the muscles. I’m definitely going to continue with the programme until I get down to my goal weight and I feel that I can easily continue to eat this way for the rest of my life.


Since finishing the 10-week programme, I have continued to lose weight albeit very slowly. I’m still eating healthily, although probably a bit more than 1300 calories a day, hence the weight loss has been slower. I’m about to ramp things up by incorporating Pilates and spinning into my life in order to reach my goal weight by Christmas.

Call Aileen Lane at Nutri-Style on 6887 5220 or visit www.nutri-style.com for more information about her Coach Approach weight loss programme.