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Alternatives to Botox and facelifts in Singapore: How I found the fountain of youth at SWUK Aesthetics

By: Michelle Wonderland

I used to say that I was “sporty at 40”, two years later, the wear and tear of juggling a busy lifestyle is written all over my face. Life has taken its toll, and I’m sometimes left feeling deflated when I look into the mirror and see a wrinkled, saggy face staring back at me. It doesn’t help that Facebook’s “See Your Memories” reminds me of what I looked like in 2007 (it wasn’t that long ago, was it?), nor when my six-year-old points to my forehead and giggles at my “crinkles”.  I’m no stranger to Botox or dermal fillers, but I hate the pain, bruising and downtime afterward. So when I was invited to try the CACI Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift at newly opened SWUK Aesthetics, I did a happy dance and booked my appointment.

I meet with Sandie, a seasoned aesthetician and owner of SWUK who really knows her way around anti-ageing treatments. She explains why she chose to feature the CACI Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift popular with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez (my age), Madonna (not my age), and Linda Evangelista. In my search for the fountain of youth (and desire to look like Madonna in my sixties), I sat a little closer with wide-eyed interest to glean how this beauty treatment works its magic.

Sandie explains that everyone’s skin is different, so we begin the session with face-mapping technology SWUK Skin Analysis, a machine that uses multi-spectral imaging to reveal dermal issues above and below the skin’s surface. Using six criteria to evaluate skin “age”, I discover that my skin age is younger than my biological age (thanks, Mom, for the good genes), but that my main skin-ageing issue is my sloppiness in using moisturizer and sunscreen. Moving forward, she sets me up in the oh-so relaxing treatment room, with heated mattress and soothing music to take my mind off of the impending facial overhaul. We begin with an aromatic cleanse and tone, and then it’s onward to the ‘heavy lifting’.

CACI (an acronym for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) works by stimulating facial muscles, and quite literally springing them back to life. Tiny electrical impulses are sent through the dermal layers to effectively retrain muscles to liven up, boosting collagen and elasticity to work much like they did in one’s former cheerleading days. The sensation is a bit surreal – while I could feel the electrical taps within my skin, the feeling wasn’t unpleasant in the least as I kept my mind filled with the optimism of a younger feeling complexion. In fact, I actually dozed off a few times during the hour-long treatment.


We topped the treatment off with the CACI Ultimate Booster, aptly named the Hydratone Mask. Using crystal-free microdermabrasion and LED light therapy, my seriously dehydrated, hot-yoga skin literally drank in this intensive moisturizing mask. Sandie tells me that many women opt for the Hydratone Mask prior to big events, and I can see why: I left SWUK Aesthetics with a renewed vigour and radiant complexion, all in just over an hour. Bonus: no needle marks, no swelling or bruising, and definitely no pain.

The CACI Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift is so effective and safe, Sandie uses it on her own mother; she shows me the before-and-after pictures so that I can see the remarkable difference. Clients will see a difference from the first treatment, however, for better results, it’s recommended to try two to ten treatments, depending on the initial skin assessment.

For those who aren’t in search of a full-face treatment, CACI can be used to target the sensitive under-eye area (CACI Eye Lift, $85.60, 30 minutes), veiny hands (CACI Hand, $64.20, 30 minutes), gravity-affected derrieres (CACI Buttock Lift, $107.40 minutes), and orange-peel tummy/thighs/buttocks (CACI Away Cellulite, available in 30 and 60 minute sessions).

It’s possible to spend an entire day at SWUK Aesthetics, as their treatment menu includes CACI skin-tightening treatments, an entire menu of beauty facials, massages and wraps using the LING New York skincare line, free of irritants like lanolin, fragrance, and mineral oils.

You can find SWUK Aesthetics at Alexandra Central, 321 Alexandra Road #02-25, Singapore, 6250 1326.